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For many years, in fact decades, window cleaning has proved itself to be a stable, honest and worthwhile way to make a good living. People the world over were willing to pay a person skilled in the art of cleaning windows, to ensure their home windows were always clean and sparkly.

However, for many window cleaning businesses, this secure and stable means of paying the bills, has found itself on rather shaky ground. What has contributed to the insecurity of such jobs? What can window cleaning companies do to ensure they keep their current customers, as well as build up a new client base?

What Has Contributed To The Insecurity Of Window Cleaning As A Profession?

The current economic situation has resulted in many people having to live on less than before. That means they are always looking for new ways to save money, cut back on household expenses, and ultimately survive in the ever-changing economy.

That’s why many window cleaning companies find their clients may want to have their windows cleaned on a less frequent basis, or may even cancel an existing arrangement.

The economy has contributed to the insecurity in yet a further way. When people become unemployed, they tend to have more time on their hands while searching for a new job. This means that tasks, such as cleaning the windows at home, which were usually left to a paid professional, may now be undertaken by the homeowner.

Finally, with the cost of living increasing, as well as issues related to unemployment, taking up window cleaning can seem like a potential source of income to those in need. This can result in a surge of window cleaners in one locality, each offering competitive rates or even under-cutting their competition. Window cleaning companies who have been in the game for years, can certainly feel the brunt of this.

Of course, there may be other factors related to the economy which are having a bearing on why some window cleaning companies are finding their position to be rather insecure. However, one thing is clear; for window cleaning companies to survive, they need to be aware of the times we live in and adjust themselves as necessary.Cleaning Businesses & The Economy

What Can Window Cleaning Companies Do To Ensure They Keep Their Current Customers, As Well As Build Up A New Client Base?

Staying on top of the current situation is absolutely key. Are people finding it harder and harder to keep their arrangement with you? Have existing customers jumped ship if competition offers a cheaper rate? Remember, while you may view such an act as disloyal, in reality, the householder may simply not have the luxury of passing up on a way to save money.

Once you have established the current challenges and issues in the area you work, think about how you can offer a practical solution. Granted, you may not be able to cut your prices too much, after all you have to pay your bills too! However, perhaps you could offer an incentive that would benefit both of you. For instance, you could offer your clients a percentage discount if they pay for a set number of cleans in advance, a discount offered to new clients for the first clean , and of course building on presentation and quality of workmanship will make your business more desirable in any economical climate.

It’s also worth taking a look at your own running expenses. Cutting unnecessary expenses will mean you can pass greater savings onto your clients and continue to run a successful business. For example, don’t invest in ‘hope’ marketing – test marketing first by going small, and if it works go bigger. Cut out advertising techniques that don’t work – bullets then cannonballs. If you are still using the traditional squeegee, applicator and ladder method, you may be missing out on a great opportunity to stay competitive. Whilst purchasing a water fed pole system can seem like a significant expense, the truth is that your work time will be so greatly reduced for each property you clean, you may find that the equipment quickly pays for itself. This may also put you in a better position to offer more competitive rates both to existing clients, as well as to new clients.

Certainly, the current economy has caused issues and challenges for many businesses; window cleaning companies are no exception. However, by understanding the circumstances that your clients find themselves in, as well as taking all the steps you can to meet such changing needs, there is every chance that your window cleaning business can survive the rapidly changing economy.


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