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Commercial Window Cleaning Perth

From our youth we’ve been taught not to judge a book by its cover. Yet time and again our first impression of a company is based on its external appeal. This, in turn affects our view of the service we expect to receive. When it comes to windows, you will find that cloudy, smudged, or dirty glass conveys a message much like a man offering a dry-cleaning service in a stained and crumpled suit.

Yet sparkling windows, gleaming glass doors, and a clean exterior offer the opposite message, the kind of message you want your customers to get; your business is top notch.

CCC commercial window cleaners in Perth will provide you with an immaculate building  exterior that will attract business prospects and will properly represent your place of business or any other desired facility. What is more, CCC get the job done with efficiency and the latest in commercial window cleaning technology; such as a pure water system which leaves your glass streak free.

Our commercial window cleaners are available for industrial and commercial locations as well as offices, shop fronts, signs, and solar panels. Moreover we respect the environment by using eco-friendly biodegradable products whenever possible and avoiding the use of heavy chemicals. We have public liability certification and provide you with service you can trust.

We have a full range of safety procedures and methods to ensure the safety of public, buildings, windows, fittings and of course us window cleaners.  We have a full range of commercial window cleaning safety platforms at our disposal as well as equipment like on-site water filtration and water-fed poles for building up to 6 levels high.  Our window cleaners are also extremely skilled in the use of more traditional squeegee techniques.

Your business’s image cannot be left to chance. Let CCC commercial technicians provide you with the professional services you need to keep your home, place of business or other facility looking impeccable.

When we take up your commercial window cleaning assignment, we can deliver more than just clean and sparkling windows. We can also clean window frames, fittings and hardware to provide that comprehensive clean look. We use only professional products and protect your internal flooring with drop cloths along with the most utmost care. Our services can be provided on a frequent regular or semi-regular basis or even on just a one-off basis.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services That Make a Difference

You are likely aware that the look of both the exterior and interior of your business establishment can make a significant difference to your business potential. The windows of your office are probably the first thing that catches the eye of a visitor. Dirty, dust-laden and grimy windows can create a poor impression.

It is important to hire professional and highly trained commercial window cleaning experts to get the best results.

Trusted Commercial Window Cleaners

CCC is a name that inspires confidence among our clients because of our impeccable service quality and proven track record. Our professionals are trained to handle windows of various sizes and levels. We make sure that safety measures are in place before we embark on the cleaning assignment. We offer our services to commercial, industrial and retail establishments in both public and private sectors of the state.
With CCC at your service and as your commercial window maintenance partners, you can be assured of a clean, hygienic and well-presented exterior which can help you create a more ideal workplace situation. Your employees will love to be part of an ideal workplace environment where the focus is on cleanliness and hygiene.

For Your Business To Prosper It Needs Clients

Whether small or large, a determining factor as to whether interested parties will venture into your shop or pass it by is the aesthetic appeal of your shop front. Clean shop front windows show you are committed to high quality service, and mean your business is important to you as are your customers. We here at CCC are committed to helping you represent your business properly by offering professional retail shop front window cleaning. The majority of our work is for repeat customers and we provide window cleaning services all over Perth Western Australia, including Perth City and Neighborhood areas – Northern and southern suburbs. Our experience, care, and use of some of the latest and most Eco-friendly equipment are sure to bring you top quality workmanship to keep your property looking great.

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