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Professional Window Cleaners

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Why Us? - Our Commercial Window Cleaners

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Window Cleaners

Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

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Professional Window Cleaning Services


"happy to work around trading hours through the night - results achieved were outstanding. Areas left clean and as found... Looking forward to a long working relationship"

J. Cave
Facilities Manager
IKEA - Perth

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"I engaged CCC Window Cleaning to clean our windows at Westcoast BMW... inside and out. They made a fantastic job of the windows and were very reasonable in price too."

S. Mackay
General Manager
Westcoast BMW


"outstanding window cleaning services... we appreciate the excellent service - accommodating us with our requests the past years including a number of call outs."

P. Cuschieri

Domestic & Commercial Window Cleaners


Our commercial window cleaners in Perth are available for all commercial locations from shops to offices. Window Cleaning Perth northern & southern suburbs. Call now!


Our Perth window cleaners can be contacted for individual shops & multi-level shopping complexes; Any retail property in Perth WA. Fremantle to Joondalup & beyond.


Our services include domestic and residential window cleaning for hotels, apartments, & houses. Homes to high-rises. All Perth CBD and Perth Metro areas. Fully insured.

Why Us? - Our Commercial Window Cleaners
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CCC Window Cleaning provides clients with window cleaning, high pressure cleaning, solar panel cleaning, sign cleaning and glass restoration services within a 50 kilometer radius around the Perth region. The company utilizes advances in low-rise reach and wash technology to ensure enhanced results while dramatically reducing access and safety issues. The water-fed systems’ filtration process removes anions and cations (spotting ions) from the water resulting in film-less, smear-free surfaces. The process is beneficial for windows, louvers, facades, signs, solar panels, and more.

Interested individuals can request a no obligation quick quote online or a free on-site inspection.

The company is a member of the Australian Window Cleaning Federation and are the only Perth-approved window cleaners by TrustedCleaner.

“CCC Window Cleaning have been selected as our Perth window cleaning provider due to their professionalism, experience, skills and commitment to customer satisfaction”. Tom White – Founder of TrustedCleaner.

Recent expansion of CCC’s residential and commercial window cleaners provides a crystal-clear solution for hotels, homes, shopping centers, apartments, offices, schools, hospitals, and more.

Commercial – Our first impression of a place of business is based on its appearance. Convey the right message, namely, that you offer top quality services or products. Book your professional commercial or residential Perth window cleaner today.  Our local WA commercial team will clean your windows to your specifications or we’ll repeat the work free of charge. All of Perth metro – Shops to skyscrapers! Joondalup to Fremantle and beyond. No dirt. No streaks. With a wave of a squeegee, our window cleaning magicians will make your windows practically disappear. Reflection perfection every time! Dirt? Concrete? Paint? Graffiti? Stains? Don’t replace it. Restore it! CCC Window Cleaning in Perth is your one-stop shop to a crystal-clear image. We care about our customers and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time. Every care is taken on the job with a safety-first approach. The window cleaning that CCC provides is a far cry from the ‘man on a ladder’. We employ reach and clean systems up to 81ft or 8 storeys. We always strive to use a combination of the best balance of techniques and safe work platforms to provide your building and windows with the care they deserve.  

High Rise – We also provide high-rise solutions for both commercial and residential buildings and are fully insured for all heights! The largest majority of our work is for repeat customers and we provide window cleaning services all over Perth Western Australia, including Perth City and Neighborhood areas – Northern and southern suburbs. We use a combination of the best balance of ergonomic techniques and safe work platforms delivering a professional and cost-effective solution. Everything from commercial showrooms like Ferrari to industrial buildings and offices like Western Power; the Perth Airport to Aurizon Railway – we are trusted by top businesses and leading establishments. Offices, hotels, shopping complexes, apartments – Trust CCC Window Cleaning.  

Residential – Looking for a professional domestic or residential window cleaner in Perth?  Our residential team use their expertise and advanced technologies and methods to do the job more efficiently and avoid expensive money and time-wasting practices by continually keeping pace with the latest techniques to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. Fed up with dirty windows? From houses to high-rise apartments – Go local with CCC.  Our domestic and residential cleaners service all over Perth, WA.  Wonder how much your project will cost? Call our office or fill out one of our online quote forms and find out for yourself why CCC is the Crystal Clear Choice.

Retail – For your business to prosper, it needs clients and customers. Whether small or large, a determining factor as to whether interested parties will venture into your shop or pass it by is the aesthetic appeal of your shop front. Clean shop front windows show you are committed to high quality service, and mean your business is important to you as are your customers; an important factor for the success of any business. Along with boosting the image of your business, maintaining the brightness and cleanliness of your windows will give your retail shop or commercial office space a fresh feeling creating an environment that encourages your employees to perform to their best potential.  We here at CCC are committed to helping you represent your business properly by providing shop front window cleaning including external tiles and walls as well as signage. Our experience, care, and use of some of the latest and most Eco-friendly equipment are sure to bring you top quality work at reasonable rates to keep your property looking its best. We’ve got window cleaning down to science – clean windows fast and easy. Call now. 

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Tired of sub-standard window cleaning services?

CCC offer reliable services, shopfronts and homes to multi-level offices, anywhere in Perth WA

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Professional Window Cleaners Residential and Commercial Window Cleaning

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