Most Home-owners Are Probably Unaware Of These Domestic Window Cleaning Impediments

External view of a contemporary house with pool at duskHome-owners may fail to understand the reason why their windows and associated hardware appear stained and spotted even when they are very diligent with their cleaning. Professional domestic window cleaners will be able to explain this better. These stains are caused by hard water in which mineral content is more than normal. Perth water is generally regarded as slightly harder than average although its quality varies significantly from one suburb to another. Cleaning windows with water that has these contaminants can not only mar its appearance but these minerals can stain and even damage the glass and hardware over time. If you stay in a locality where tap water is unusually hard, your windows can easily be impacted by stains in as little as three to six months depending on how frequently you have your windows cleaned.

If spraying glass with hard water as in the case of a glass shower screen, remove the water completely to make sure that stains do not appear at a later stage. Water must be removed from the glass using a traditional squeegee. You must then follow through by wiping all the edges dry preferably with a special microfibre cloth that’s readily available on the cleaning market. Cleaning domestic windows with water must always be followed by a thorough squeegee and wiping process unless of course one is using pure water that’s free from minerals.

Most Home-owners Miss These Crucial Domestic Window Cleaning Imperatives

woman sitting at clean windowQuite a good number of Perth home owners opt to clean their own windows but there are a number of hurdles associated with this not to mention risks. Most people use a ladder and other similar types of supports without adequate experience and knowledge of safety and let’s face it, climbing a ladder is not without potential risks and hazards no matter how sturdy the ladder may be and no matter how much experience one may have. Without the correct safety procedures and equipment it can be downright dangerous. Also, as they are not trained in domestic window cleaning, Perth home-owners often resort to incorrect techniques using tap water, the incorrect type of squeegee for the job, and some old clothes for wiping. This leads to a lack of detailing and the results can be very evident in the form of streaks, spots, and smudges.

Domestic window cleaning is a tough job that is generally considered by experts as more complex that a commercial premises of the same size.

Four Benefits in Hiring Professional Domestic Window Cleaners

woman revealing clean windowsA lot of home-owners tend to strive hard for a clean, sparkling home! However, the task is easy said than done. This is because domestic window cleaning comprises of many stages and procedures that should be completed properly for picture-perfect results. Unclean window frames can ruin your home’s overall worth and look in the long run. If you don’t have the right tools or time to clean window frames, you should hire local domestic window cleaners. The skilled experts will help you achieve top-notch results and an excellent finish.

There are investments involved in terms of training to do the job properly and safely. It is imperative to use advanced equipment that depending on the structural requirements and the glass itself may include water fed poles, ladders, safety harnesses, filtration units, telescopic poles, swiveling tools, and more. Understanding the techniques and knowing how to use them in various situations comes with experience.

Benefit #1 – The Right Methods, The Right Tools

First of all, the professional domestic window cleaners will make sure the job gets done with the right tools and techniques. In most cases, “The Reach & Wash Systems” are used to clean not only external windows but frames too. Reach & Wash Systems are fine-tuned for cleaning glass and frames. Work that gets done with our specialized water-fed system cannot be replicated using any other mechanism. The system leaves no stain or grime.

Benefit #2 – An Inexpensive Move

In most cases, the process of hiring professional window cleaners is cheap and convenient. When compared against “Do It Yourself” techniques, domestic window cleaning companies can be less expensive than what you think. For instance, the amount of money you would need to invest in window cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions will in most cases be much more expensive than hiring a professional company.

Benefit #3 – Safety!

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to your safety don’t take the risk. If you have a two storey house leave it to the professionals. In general, they use water-fed reach and wash systems for a revolutionized window cleaning experience.