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Brighten The Portal To Life Outside Your Window

Our Perth professionals will ensure your windows are spotless and your first impression is the type of impression any professional company would desire namely that you provide top notch services.

We are a Perth based company that brings you VIP Perth window cleaning at reasonable prices. We have a high level of insurances from public liability to workers compensation and we make use of the latest in equipment available. We use only highly trained technicians and provide all the window cleaning services of larger companies without make you pay for our advertising or company vans. Hundreds of proud Australian house and business owners currently experience the benefits of a regular window cleaning service by CCC every year brightening up homes and shining up Perth businesses. No Business can afford to give an unprofessional image with dirty windows as this is the first impression potential customers’ get of your shop or office. Regular window cleaning provides cheaper costs in the long run as it protects your windows from degradation and mineral build up which overtime results in irreversible damage to windows. We approach every residential or commercial property with the desire to do the best job possible every time. We strive to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience by using our service, from the time you accept our quote to the last window that’s cleaned. Regardless of your budget or the size of the project we can put together a customized program that fits your needs. We can provide window cleaning services ranging from weekly to annually and we would be happy to suggest a reasonable program to fit your needs. From shops to auto dealerships and strata property management buildings, we provide a reliable plan to ensure that your windows are cleaned on schedule. We currently provide our window cleaners for some of the biggest names in Perth industries and we always welcome new jobs. No project is too small!

Portal To Life Outside Your WindowHouse and Commercial Building

Whether you have a small house or a large commercial building, bring it on! We love window cleaning and will ensure a hassle free quality job. So no matter where you are located in Perth, contact CCC window cleaning today. We offer guarantees for our entire array of services ensuring a quality and professional job every time. We even have guarantees against the weather. Yes that’s right, even the weather! What about cleaning your own windows or getting your staff to clean them. Perhaps, that’s fine for the internal doorway fingerprints and if you have only a small ground level entryway you may want to try your hand at it, but employing a professional quality controlled company will result in pristine sparkling windows every time, guaranteed! CCC have the skills and experience to deliver better results and reasonable pricing.

CCC window cleaners offer a full range of window cleaning services and we can clean not only windows but frames, rubber seals, paneling, cladding, signs, facades, glass roofs, solar panels, shower screens, mirrors, and even glass or marble table tops. With our smart and safe approach ladder-work is in 99% of cases a thing of the past. Our wide array of Perth services also include commercial and industrial buildings, offices, residential or domestic homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers including individual shops, restaurants, banks, and schools. Put simply, we have not yet come across a building we cannot effectively window clean. Almost all of our work is for repeat customers and all of our work is backed by our quality guarantee. Our trade experts use an online work planning system that can be seen and updated in real time.

Residential and Commercial Technicians

Our residential and commercial technicians are experts in the use of ionic pure water fed pole systems. This system works extremely well on most commercial applications and many modern 2 to 4 storey residential homes too. This window cleaning technique now used widely throughout England and America thoroughly cleans windows leaving them spot free and completely washes down window frames at the same time providing a high quality finish. This relatively new technique has revolutionized high external window cleaning.

By running deionised water through modular or telescopic poles we are able to access and clean windows even some mod-rise to high-rise building with ease. On top of that it is the safest and most cost effective cleaning system available with huge savings when compared to the traditional method of the ‘window cleaner hanging on a ladder or dangling from a rope’. Window cleaners can work safely from the ground reaching previously hard to access windows easily. Rest assured that CCC will choose the safest and cost effective method that will leave your windows in top notch shape. We provide Perth window cleaning services for some of the biggest names in business and have 20 years’ experience in both low rise and high rise window cleaning in Perth. Let us give you a clear view and brighten your portal to life outside your window.



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