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Rope Access Window Cleaning Challenges

Rope Access Window Cleaning

window cleaning rope access techniciansDirty windows prevent the passage of light, therefore having a negative impact on the inhabitants of the building. In case of office buildings, people may need to work with their lights switched on for the entire duration of the day. This is why all building managers have to make sure they hire a reliable cleaning services provider to help them maintain spotless windows.

The issue is that very tall buildings with glass facades are very difficult to clean on the outside. The interiors are not a problem as there are no access issues. On the outside, however, the situation is completely different, as climbing out there to clean the glass is dangerous if not entirely impossible. This is why only authorized companies can perform rope access or abseil window cleaning.

This method implies huge risks, so all professional cleaners who work have to make sure they respect all safety measures and regulations. This puts a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of building managers who have to choose their cleaning services providers very carefully.

The biggest advantage of rope access window cleaning is that it is more accessible than other solutions. Besides, it is also more efficient. Once the workers set up the stage for their rappel descent, they can work very quickly, making all windows on each drop spotless in a matter of hours, even in case of very tall buildings. These workers need to know their stuff – They need to be familiar with abseiling and local safety regulations as well as being skilled window cleaners. Once they move on to another window, it’s going to be impossible to return to clean any spots they may have overlooked without doing another decent (climbing a rope is for emergencies only). They need to have a very good focus and the ability to work under stress. Hanging out there is stressful enough, without any other challenge. In addition, these cleaners need to make sure they don’t drop any tools or items, as they might cause injuries to people on the sidewalk. This is a very life-threatening serious issue, so they have to take all cautionary measures for preventing such situations.

While there are the obvious challenges involved with rope access window cleaning, it’s also true they offer great benefits to building owners and managers. They can have clean windows without having to install scaffolding or other expensive and complex solutions. A few people, sliding on their ropes, with soapy water and cleaning equipment, can do wonders for the cleanliness of a glass facade. However, as accidents happen, everybody has to make sure the company has all insurance coverage required by law and is licensed and certified to provide this type of services. Everything needs to be in excellent shape, all gear has to be carefully checked before each job, and workers need to wear their safety equipment. It’s not worth the risk!

Abseil window cleaning makes use of industrial ropes to scale down the side of high rise buildings. Since this is a high risk activity, it’s easy to understand why it is regulated so tightly. All workers have to be properly trained and certified to perform this type of job. As they have to hang on a rope while cleaning the glass, they need to be extremely focused and able to control themselves. In addition, they can’t suffer from height sickness (Vertigo) or any other medical conditions for that matter. They need to be able to coordinate their moves with excellent accuracy, as they have to do a proper cleaning job while working their way down the ropes.

Abseil Window Cleaning

Professionalhigh risewindowcleanerCompanies that offer abseil window cleaning (window cleaning with the use of rope access techniques) can help you remove dirt from windows, facades and structural framework, without causing them any damage. They also make sure they are covered for all possible risks, so you won’t have to worry about accidents that may occur during such dangerous jobs. As a matter of fact, high level cleaning is safe, provided that all safety measures are correctly implemented and the technicians are well trained and certified for this type of work. Besides, all equipment has to be thoroughly checked before and after each and every job. This can eliminate the risk of malfunctions that could endanger the lives of people working in such extreme conditions. Besides, all these service providers use fall arrest equipment, so they can prevent disasters from occurring, even in the unlikely event of an accidental fall.

For building owners and managers, window cleaning via abseiling is a very good solution to enjoy spotless windows and facades, without having to install scaffolding around their buildings. If they are careful when they choose their service providers, they are going to be able to maintain the cleanliness of their buildings without having to worry about the risks that come with this particular type of job. This type of cleaning is fast and effective, as the workers use special reach and wash techniques that enable them work very fast. Besides, there are situations in which abseiling cleaning is the only viable solution. Whenever there’s a need for window cleaning in confined spaces or at height, this method is the answer to all worries and concerns.

If you’ve never used such cleaning services before, you may need a team of experts to come and assess the most appropriate methods that would suit the characteristics of your building. These professionals can identify the methods that would be the most suitable for each specific cleaning job. They would take into consideration your special requirements, as well as the safety of the workers. Once they are clear about all details of the tasks to be performed, they are going to offer you a price quotation for their services. If possible, it’s a good idea to contact a few of these cleaning companies, in order to be able to compare their offers and their proposed solutions.

By choosing to use abseil window cleaners on a regular basis, you can rest assured your building is always going to look great, regardless the weather conditions and the season. They can also provide you with building and facade wash-downs. If you hire an expert company, you won’t need to worry about the risks taken by their technicians, as they would have all certifications and training required by law. In addition, these companies have insurance coverage for many types of situations. This is why you can have the peace of mind that the cleaning process is going to go on smoothly leaving you with a spotless sparkling building.


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