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Rope Access Window Cleaning Challenges

Rope Access Window Cleaning Challenges

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Dirty windows prevent the passage of light, therefore having a negative impact on the inhabitants of the building. In case of office buildings, people may need to work with their lights switched on for the entire duration of the day. This is why all building managers have to make sure they hire a reliable cleaning services provider to help them maintain spotless windows.

Difficult To Clean Issue

The issue is that very tall buildings with glass facades are very difficult to clean on the outside. The interiors are not a problem as there are no access issues. On the outside, however, the situation is completely different, as climbing out there to clean the glass is dangerous if not entirely impossible. This is why only authorized companies can perform rope access or abseil window cleaning.

This method implies huge risks, so all professional cleaners who work have to make sure they respect all safety measures and regulations. This puts a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of building managers who have to choose their cleaning services providers very carefully.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Rope Access Window Cleaning ChallengesThe biggest advantage of rope access window cleaning is that it is more accessible than other solutions. Besides, it is also more efficient. Once the workers set up the stage for their rappel descent, they can work very quickly, making all windows on each drop spotless in a matter of hours, even in case of very tall buildings. These workers need to know their stuff – They need to be familiar with abseiling and local safety regulations as well as being skilled window cleaners. Once they move on to another window, it’s going to be impossible to return to clean any spots they may have overlooked without doing another decent (climbing a rope is for emergencies only). They need to have a very good focus and the ability to work under stress. Hanging out there is stressful enough, without any other challenge. In addition, these cleaners need to make sure they don’t drop any tools or items, as they might cause injuries to people on the sidewalk. This is a very life-threatening serious issue, so they have to take all cautionary measures for preventing such situations.

While there are the obvious challenges involved with rope access window cleaning, it’s also true they offer great benefits to building owners and managers. They can have clean windows without having to install scaffolding or other expensive and complex solutions. A few people, sliding on their ropes, with soapy water and cleaning equipment, can do wonders for the cleanliness of a glass facade. However, as accidents happen, everybody has to make sure the company has all insurance coverage required by law and is licensed and certified to provide this type of services. Everything needs to be in excellent shape, all gear has to be carefully checked before each job, and workers need to wear their safety equipment. It’s not worth the risk!



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