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Top Reasons To Enlist Professional Cleaners

Hire A Professional Window Cleaner

ccc window cleaning in WangaraWhether you have new windows or old, dirt can wedge its way into the hardware, panes, and sills causing unsightly staining. More than just impacting your view and being plain ugly, dirt in windows may shorten the lifespan of the very investment that keeps your family dry and comfortable indoors.

Windows are deceptively hard to clean right – this is because at a microscopic level windows are anything but flat. Stubborn dirt gets caught in these microscopic crevices, which at times can leave even some self-proclaimed professionals scratching their heads.

Avoid using power washing techniques for windows at all costs. High pressure cleaning can cause damage even to walls and roofs, let alone windows. Only a professional high pressure cleaner should be employed and then only for walls – not for windows. A damage waiver is expected to be signed for high risk work. Soft washing is a much safer option.

However, neither of these options are safe for your windows and a high-pressure sprayer should never be pointed at glass. Besides the high likelihood of cracking, the hard/soft water used in power washing will cause mineral and chemical staining.

Sure, it does a great job removing dirt and grime from walls but for glass windows, solar panels, and facades (depending on the material) a much more careful approach is required.

If a water-fed method is employed, only 100% pure water with an STD reading of 0 should be used so that minerals and chemicals from water doesn’t collect in the microscopic nooks and crannies, resulting in an embarrassing array of smudges and marks.

What To Look For In Professional Window Cleaning

window cleaning at Mercedes in PerthThe true professional has been at it for a long time. They know that while windows can take a beating, they are somewhat delicate. It takes a detail-oriented team who understands the mechanical workings of all types of windows to properly provide cleaning services.

From there, they need to have a solid reputation in showing up on time, charging a reasonable fee, working safely and efficiently to make your view clear and bright. It should feel good to have clean windows. Knowing that you have hired a company that you can trust is the first step in the right direction.

In general it is advisable for homeowners to have their windows cleaned twice per year. This is just the right spacing to catch maintenance issues as they arise, and before they become nightmarish. Yes, windows can cost a lot of money.

If you are looking for professional window cleaning services in Perth for your home or office glass cleaning requirements, you must narrow down your search to companies that are well-established, experienced and manage their business professionally. It is plain common sense to choose the services of a company that is insured.

There are many parameters on which customers judge glass cleaning services. Some will ask for proof of quality of work in the form of photos and videos of past assignments. Other important factors are customer service, experience and customized services. While all these are certainly desirable in a good window cleaning service, it may all come to naught if they are not insured.

Insurance Insulates You from Risks and Damages

our west perth window cleanersYou may be tempted to use the services of a window cleaning company that’s not insured because their rates may be somewhat cheaper than those who are not. After all, you want a good service and if you are getting it for a cheaper price, why bother about using an insured window cleaning service? Of course you can but then you will be exposed to several risks and if something goes wrong, you could end up paying a lot more.

For professions such as window cleaning in Perth which involve a high element of risk, appropriate levels of public liability insurance as well as workers compensation along with a current ABN number are all a must to establish competency and to prove that they are permitted to conduct business in the region and at the required height.

What constitutes an appropriate level of public liability? In Perth this much depends on the size and type of building.  Since most insurance companies in Perth only cover window cleaners up to 3 levels or 10 meters, it’s imperative that you first ascertain the level of coverage. Before hiring, request a certificate of currency and read the fine print. Window cleaners working above 3 storeys in Perth would currently normally require insurance coverage with no height limit restrictions. This would provide coverage for window cleaners using rope access and BMU’s on high-rise buildings too. While five or ten million in public liability is often acceptable for the majority of buildings in Perth, it is still inadequate for most shopping malls and centers. Maximum coverage would include 20, 000, 000 in public liability with no restrictions on height and workers compensation for all employees.

Experience, Knowledge, And Reliability

The professional window cleaning services of today need to be experienced. They need to know how to clean windows, inside, and out, getting the nitty gritty out of the channels and sills, to ensure good operation. They also need to have the skill to work safely, even at heights.

Patience, tenacity, and integrity are all among the characteristics to look for in a professional window cleaning service as well. There is no substitute for years of experience either. Consider other customer reviews and testimonials on third-party sites. Look for reviews that speak to concerns about what matters. Do not fall for the reviews that are not specific or sound like they were paid.

The bottom line is that the window washing company should have a reputation for meticulous work that leaves the windows clean and in better shape. Period. Windows need to be cleaned to ensure that they work properly for the longest period of time possible. An unfit or incompetent window washing service can cause harm to windows, and cost you money in the long run.


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