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Clean Office Windows Make For a Better Working Environment


Most offices have windows that let in natural light that makes it more comfortable to work in them. You will find most offices having large windows, and most modern office blocks have walls that are fully glazed or transparent to some degree. The surrounding environment, traffic and other factors can lead to these windows gathering dust and over time restricting light. Dirty windows in an office can change the perception of clients and indicate the care that offices take about their housekeeping. In case of stores and other commercial establishments, dirty windows can affect store displays and affect business as customers cannot properly see what is being sold.


That is why it is very important to pay adequate attention to office window cleaning. If you have your own set of persons who can undertake janitorial work, you need to provide them with the right equipment that can ensure that your windows are cleaned properly and with regularity.


Office windows need to be cleaned both on the inside and the outside. Most janitors will have their own techniques for window cleaning, and you must consider the results and not the efforts. Cleaning on the inside is less of a  problem because the windows are often easily accessible and will also be less dirty as they are protected. It is the outside of office windows that will get dirty and will form difficult to dislodge layers when left uncleaned for long periods of time. Clean the office windows on the inside on days that your office is closed, as then this will not disrupt work. The outside can be cleaned on any day, though it can at times be a little distracting or disconcerting for staff working at times.


Cleaning the outside of office windows becomes a little difficult if your office is located on upper floors of buildings. However, where there are many offices located in a building, it often becomes the duty of the landlord or property owner, and tenants must insist on a proper schedule for such cleaning so that the windows remain clean all through the year. This can become quite a task if the office is situated in a high rise building. This is not a service that you can expect a standard janitorial service to provide and requires professionals and equipment that only a few specialized agencies can provide. In some large office skyscrapers, window cleaning is an activity that takes place all through the year, with a permanent set of people, whose only job is to clean windows.


Keeping windows clean is important for any business and does a lot of good to both the people working there and those visiting it as customers. In high rise buildings, the view from the offices is often spectacular and can greatly add to the ambience and pleasure of working. The outside of windows can also get sullied from bird droppings, and a window covered in bird droppings can be a real turn off. Clean windows can have a huge impact on the working conditions in an office, and the use of natural light can also help in reducing electricity bills. It can make a working environment less claustrophobic, a feeling that is made worse when windows get dirty.


Window cleaning is a task that is tiresome and demanding but is one that has been made easier for offices by the increasing number of professionals in the field, who use the latest in cleaning solutions and equipment that makes the job easier. Get hold of companies who have trained and experienced personnel. Ask for firm quotations and a detailed list of the work they will carry out. Once you have discussed and finalized the rates, also draw up a proper schedule that does not interrupt your working. It can also help your image of corporate responsibility if you insist that they use cleaners that are green and eco-friendly. On your part, make sure that you are able to hand over the premises to them as per the schedule, and that they are not hampered in any way while carrying out the cleaning work. Most cleaning works carried out on weekends or holidays may remain unsupervised from your side, but you must make sure that there is someone from your office who can be contacted in case of any accidents or other emergencies. This is especially important for offices on upper floors.


Any inspection of completed cleaning work must ensure that there are no streaks left over after the cleaning. The cleaning must also not leave any other marks on windows and glass surfaces of the panels. You can also ask for certain coatings to be applied over office window glass that will be antistatic and thus make it difficult for the dirt and dust to collect on windows. This can increase the time between cleaning and can be very useful for high rise windows that are difficult to access for cleaning.


Regular office cleaning helps to enhance the office working environment and helps morale. Window cleaning is an essential part of this activity. We provide commercial and industrial office window cleaning services all over Perth including Wangara, Malaga, Balcatta, Nedlands, Subiaco, Kewdale, and many more areas. We wash office windows everywhere in Perth WA including suburbs such as Fremantle, North Perth, South Perth, Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, Dianella, City Beach, and many more suburbs. East, West, North, South.


See our commercial window cleaning page for professional office window cleaning services in Perth. CCC provides professional office window washing of the highest quality at competitive prices, to save you time, boost employee morale, and free up resources which can be put into what matters most. Our contractors specialize in all aspects of Perth office window cleaning. Both commercial and industrial properties of any size.
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