Professional Fly Screen Cleaning

There are various types of fly screens available in the market and each type requires a different type of hardware and comes with a unique fitting system. Professionals know how they are fitted from their experience. There is a specific way to remove the screen from the frame from the inside so that the outside glass can be easily accessed for washing. There is also a special technique for washing security screens as well as the glass behind the screen.

How Professionals Do It

Cleaning fly screens is done meticulously and in detail by using cleaning tools that have been specially designed for the task. Professional cleaners are equipped with brushes of varying sizes, water-fed brushes and scrubbing tools, as well as high pressure sprayers, vacuum powered machines and assorted attachments. Tools are chosen depending on the condition of the fly screen, the amount of accumulated dirt, and the type of fly screen. For example security screens are often cleaned differently to normal fly screens. These tools, in particular purified water-fed brushes and scrubbing bars are also perfect for cleaning frames either along with the windows or separately. Along with the dirt and grime, the cleaners will also remove cobwebs from the windows and surrounding areas as well as accumulated dust even in those hard to reach areas giving your windows, fly screens and frames a new and fresh look.

Flyscreen Repair – Do It Right. Do it Safe

Fly screen is a must for all windows if you want to keep out flies, insects, and even birds from damaging and dirtying your home. These screens made of fine mesh using metal wires or fiber glass can also keep dirt, leaves and debris away from windows. To get the best results from your fly windows, they must be cleaned and maintained at regular intervals. Fly screens, by their very design can attract dirt and grime quickly. Cleaning them professionally using the services of a reliable and reputable window cleaning company is highly recommended.

Why Are Fly Screens Used

Most residential and commercial windows in Perth and indeed the whole of Australia, use fly screens to keep off unwanted entities like insects and birds from entering inside their well-maintained premises. They not only bring in dirt and debris but also diseases. A wide range of window screens or fly screens are available to serve the purpose of keeping insects, mosquitoes, fleas and flies away but to get the desired results from these screens, they must be cleaned regularly, thoroughly and professionally.
At CCC Window Cleaning, we fix fly screens to improve the performance of these useful fixtures. We not only clean windows but also make sure the fly screens are in great shape too. Fly screens often need repair simply because they are susceptible to damage because of incessant exposure to the elements.

Best Approach to Fly Screen Cleaning

A well-maintained and clean fly screen helps in keeping the natural airflow of the place intact while making sure the insects with their disease-laden body do not get in. A damaged or worn fly screen not only makes your windows look bad but can be highly ineffective in achieving the very purpose for which they have been installed.
Fly screens can be cleaned by anyone but the job is best left to professional window cleaners for many reasons. While brushing, vacuuming and dusting may help in removing the larger chunks of debris and visible dirt, these methods are unlikely to clean the screen comprehensively.
We have trained window cleaning professionals with vast experience in cleaning and repairing of fly screens. We use specialized blowers and other cleaning tools and equipment needed to clean fly screens and optimize their functionality. We can clean fly screens and windows efficiently regardless of the height of the window or if there is a grill inside or outside of the screen. Call us now to get your windows and fly screens cleaned and dirt-free.