CCC Window Cleaning Perth

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page

How does CCC differ from other window cleaners?

CCC Window Cleaning are a team of expert Perth window cleaners focused on customer care and satisfaction. They window clean a variety of building types from shops to multi-level commercial and residential properties and offer an array of related services.

They have real human-beings answer the phone 24/7 and offer on-line instant quotes, over-the-phone quotes, and in-person quotes. They have water-fed systems for use up to approximately 6 storeys high and can provide digital photo confirmation of their work upon request. They use on-line ‘real-time’ job planning systems and the latest in window cleaning technology and safety equipment.

CCC Window Cleaning are Perth’s only window cleaning company to pass Trusted Cleaners verification process. They have all required safety documentation (manuals, forms and policies) and are fully insured for all heights and building types.

Finally they are always polite, clean-cut, professional, and in uniform.

What services do you offer?

Commercial, industrial, retail, domestic, and residential window cleaning services. We also provide high pressure cleaning, building and facade wash-downs, solar panel cleaning, sign washing, glass sign removal, mineral stain removal, window graffiti removal, and more.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! See our guarantee page for more info. We stand by our customers and we stand by our guarantees.

How much does window cleaning cost?

Our goal is to provide true value to our clients along with the highest quality of workmanship. There are many variables in quoting as each building has its own unique structure. In looking for quotes always remember the goal is not necessarily the cheapest but rather the company that offers you the most ‘value for money’ while providing a service that meets or exceeds your requirements. For a more detailed breakdown, please see our pricing page.

Which one do I fill out? The 'Quote Request' form or the 'Instant Quote' form?

Simply put, if it’s a house 3 storeys or smaller, you can fill out our Instant quote form to get an idea of pricing. If it’s anything else including apartment buildings, please fill out the Quote Request form or call our office.  Commercial window cleaning as well as large residential buildings like apartments and hotels have too many variables for the software algorithm to compute for the time being but we are more than happy to provide a quote over-the-phone or an onsite inspection (depending on the building type).

Do you provide free ‘no obligation’ quotes?

Yes, we offer free quotes anywhere in the Perth Metro area. The quote can be provided in-person or through our online instant quote software.

Are you insured?

Yes, absolutely. We clean windows for some of the most prestigious companies in Perth. Insurance is a must! All certification is presented upon request. All our workers are currently insured for 20 million with no height restrictions. We also offer a work health and safety policy, quality policy, and environmental policy. We’ve got you covered!

Is it safe?

We always use a safety first approach. In most cases we use a reach and wash approach using standard long poles and water-fed pole technology for buildings two to eight storeys high while keeping our feet firmly planted on the ground. We also provide JSA’s, SWMS, hazard assessments, chemical register, MSDS’s, and any other required documentation upon request.

Do you clean north and south of the river?

Yes, we clean windows all over. Anywhere in the Perth metro area. Fill out our contact form for a free quote.

What experience do you have?

I started window cleaning over 25 years ago; from small shops to Perth CBD skyscrapers. For reach and wash methods I have many years of experience with rope access (abseiling), cherry pickers (Boom-lifts), BMU’s, scissor lifts, EWP’s, Water-fed systems, and more. My small close-knit team are Perth’s experts in the trade, with decades of experience.

How often should I get my windows cleaned?

Many of our residential clients have their windows cleaned on a quarterly basis.
Many commercial clients have their buildings cleaned on a monthly to quarterly basis. Much depends on where your business is situated, whether it is a customer based business like a car yard or shop, or whether it’s an office or even a warehouse. Shopfronts may need their windows cleaned on a weekly basis.

Do I need to move any furniture or products away from the windows first?

For houses or offices this will generally not be necessary as we provide this as part of our service. However, we do ask this of shops or showrooms. Unless, it’s a Ferrari you would like moved in which case I will definitely be happy to move it for you.

Do you use drop cloths?

Yes, we do. We are trained professionals with years or in most cases decades of internal window cleaning experience. You are in good hands.

Do I need to take my blinds down first?

No, this is not necessary for the window cleaning process. If you would like the blinds cleaned, we can remove them for you as part of the service.

What types of buildings do you clean?

Where do I start…? The simplest way to answer is to say we clean just about anything. From shops to high-rises.

Won’t the rain dirty my windows?

Perth has some of the cleanest rain in the world. Actually we use pure water in some cases to clean windows! Windows do get gradually dirtier quicker in winter due to strong winds that blow surrounding sand and dirt onto the glass. It’s these stormy conditions that make glass dirtier quicker, not the rain itself. In fact, generally it’s the windows out of rains way and the top of the window under the frame that gets the dirtiest. In summary, it’s an accumulative process that happens gradually over the course of many windy days and will rarely ever happen overnight. However, if you’re still worried about the weather, we offer guarantees even against the elements.

What payments do you accept?

All general electronic forms accepted. Visa, PayPal, Bank transfers, and more.

Can you provide a JSA or SWMS?

Yes, we can provide anything and everything your company may require.

What happens if it’s raining? Do you still come?

If it looks like a storm on the horizon our window cleaners will call in advance to see if you would like to reschedule. But generally speaking if it’s not raining heavy or only intermittently we can work around it. Be assured that rain doesn’t dirty your windows. In fact, it’s normally quite the opposite. However, if you feel that rain has somehow contributed to making your windows dirty in any way, we have a weather guarantee just for you.

My windows are higher than a ladder would reach. Can you reach them?

Yes, in almost all cases. Contact us for an onsite appraisal or to discuss requirements over the phone.

Can you remove glass graffiti?

Yep! Whether its paint or etchings, we can provide you with the best options.

Do you clean tracks and fly screens?

Yep! But check the quote carefully. We often provide a Basic, Deluxe, and Premium package. Be sure that the package you select includes the services you require.

Do you do work for Corporate bodies or Strata management?

Yes, we have had years of experience looking after buildings under the care of Strata and corporate management. See our Strata page for more details.

Do you do work on behalf of other cleaning companies?

Yes, we sub-contract to cleaning companies and even other window cleaning businesses. See our Cleaning companies page for more details.

Do you clean house windows?

Yes, we also offer residential window cleaning. Our main focus is larger residential properties but we can also provide our services for smaller houses in particular service areas.

Do you clean shopfronts?

Absolutely. Call us now for a free quote. See our shopfront page.

Are you licensed for Elevated work platform operation including boom-lifts?


Will you give a tax invoice?

Yes, we provide soft copies in both online and downloadable formats and can provide a hard copy upon request.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

See our contacts page or phone Henny on 1300 72 87 72. Or ask a question through our ‘contact us’ form.