Prices - What Will It Cost ?

We cannot be held responsible for excessive levels of excitement after having your windows cleaned.  This may cause problems for pregnant women and those with heart conditions LOL.

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When collecting quotes it’s important to check for company reviews. Before going ahead with a quote do an online search to see what comes up. When it comes to window cleaning a reputable company offline will often be one online.

Beware of specials and fixed prices too. Window cleaners generally quote per job for good reason. Each job has its own specific requirements and structural challenges. Our online instant quote software takes into account the size and amount of windows on a project and will not provide a quote for jobs needing to be quoted in-person.  It also provides pricing options and allows the potential customer to make decisions along the way.

Specials and fixed prices that some window cleaners offer will rarely account for all of these structural differences and you could find yourself paying much more than you expected. Read the fine-print and get clarification – get a definite and complete price up-front before works are undertaken. Get a quote in writing for the entire job. For the best price book your property in for a regular service.

Window cleaners can provide genuine discounts for frequent cleans without compromising on quality since a level of cleanliness is maintained and windows can therefore be cleaned more efficiently.

Finally, resist simply going for the cheapest price. There may be good reason why they’re the cheapest. Typically this may include inadequate or no insurance, doing cash jobs, inferior workmanship, no quality controls, no safety measures, no guarantee, and no track record. You may end up spending more to hire a professional to clean up after.

Prices for window cleaning in Perth can vary drastically from one service provider to another as do techniques and quality controls. If you value quality service, make sure you research your options carefully. At triple C, we are committed to delivering the finest quality window cleaning service at competitive prices to give you good value for your hard-earned money.

We believe in doing business fairly and transparently. Our on-site assessments and quotes for north and south, commercial and residential, and for single storey to multi-storey buildings are absolutely free and without any obligation.

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Is the window cleaner adequately insured?

First of all, check if the company is legally insured and licensed. Request certificates of currency for both Public liability and worker’s compensation. How high is your building? Read the fine print! Are the height levels that they are insured for adequate? Many insurance companies cover window cleaners for only ground level work. It’s not worth the risk.

Request a Job Safety Assessment.

Request a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) or HRA (Hazard Risk Assessment) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement). If the cleaning will take more than a day then a daily PSRA (Pre-start risk assessment) is always recommended.

Request a copy of all MSDS’s

Request a copy of Material Safety Data Sheets for any chemicals used on site particularly if window stain removal is involved. Chemicals by nature are not without risk and some chemicals window cleaners use for hard-water stain removal could potentially cause damage to frames, flooring, and paintwork.

Are they Affordable?

In this economy the buyer is king and like almost anything, window cleaning comes in a wide range of prices. The final price much depends on the number of windows, kind of job, type of materials used and the total number of people involved. Luckily, we are Perth low-rise specialists and have discounted prices for the majority of Perth buildings.

Do they have an online presence?

This is much more important than you may think. To a window cleaner with a big online presence, good reviews are highly important. Without a good online presence, it is impossible for you as a customer to have a third party site to leave a review on their services. Plus, knowing that you’re being reviewed as a service provider is a natural motivator.

Are they Reliable?

Make sure the window cleaning firm is experienced and capable of accomplishing a decent job. To cut down your risk, first do your research. Check reviews and past job experience. If you have been given a contact for verification purposes – CONTACT THEM!

Get the quote in writing.

A professional company should have no difficulty in presenting you with a detailed written quote form. Always, always, always, get it in writing. If in the rare event anything changes by word of mouth throughout the job and both parties agree to it, still get it in writing. In this case a simple email may well suffice. Keep in mind though that depending on change in the scope of works some documentation may need to be revised and resubmitted.

Ask for policies.

For Perth Window Cleaning, a work health and safety policy, quality policy, and environmental policy will generally be sufficient, but much depends on your requirements and current governing policies.

Do they have appropriate certification?

Adequate certification for window cleaning in Perth will much depend on the building size and choice of equipment. For anything that requires the window cleaner to stand above ground level – a working at heights certificate, for a boom-lift above 11 meters – a high risk work license WP class, or for rope access – an IRATA level 1 or 2 with the supervision of a level 3. In all cases current senior first aid certification is always recommended.

A written guarantee.

Last but not least – A written guarantee. What is their quality guarantee and is it in writing? If they are not prepared to come back and fix up anything that is not up to scratch free of charge – Find someone who will.