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Algae, fungus and stains from minerals and hard water can ruin the look of your building exterior, especially windows and frames. It is important to clean the external surfaces and windows regularly to ensure that your exteriors look new and attractive. It can not only give the occupants a sense of well-being but can also significantly improve the value and image of the property be it commercial or residential. However, the removal of chemical and mineral stains and spots is not an easy process no matter the height and should be tackled only by the most experienced in the trade.

What can cause stubborn stains?

squeegee iconSome of the biggest enemies of a clean and spotless window includes tap water, rain water run-offs, airborne moisture, environmental contaminants such as pollution, dirt and other airborne particles. A professional systematic cleaning schedule can remove these contaminants before stains occur. Professional window cleaners know how to use highly effective and environmentally safe solutions that can make stained and soiled windows look new and attractive again.

Empty modern lounge area with large bay window and view of sea.There are safe and proven advanced glass stain removal products available on the market however these products should be handled by only the most experienced of window cleaners. Experienced professionals can in most cases remove even tough stains and mineral build-up but since each type of stain has its own individual make-up and challenges, a full assessment is required to determine the extent of expected improvement. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain, the process is time consuming and can be costly, therefore regular maintenance cleaning is the best preventable advice in the fight against stains.

Staining of glass commonly occurs when water hits another surface before coming in contact with the glass. Water running onto the windows from concrete surfaces is a classic example. This occurs when rain water splashes off precast concrete panels before settling on the windows. This causes what is commonly called ‘lime staining’.

During rains or exterior cleaning processes such as high pressure cleaning, water usually hits the aluminum frames before splashing on the glass. In such cases, staining is more prominent on surfaces near the frames.

Hotel bath with a window view of the oceanOther main causes of glass stains include hard water from sprinklers splashing directly onto the glass which overtime results in mineral or chemical stains commonly from chlorine, magnesium, and calcium. Algae, fungus, and mildew can also leave stains if not removed quickly and thoroughly. Another common culprit is pool water commonly resulting in chlorine staining on surrounding pool glass. Another obstruction to an unhindered view is seen in houses along the foreshore. Ocean salt carried by strong winds results in white salt stains if not removed regularly with maintenance cleaning. Probably the worst enemy of glass is bore water. It stains hard and fast leaving nasty discoloration. Avoid bore water coming into contact with your windows at all cost. The redesign of a garden bed to ensure that bore water does not come into contact with the windows from sprinklers, taps, or hoses will almost always be a cheaper solution than stain removal or the replacement of glass.

While to the human eye glass looks flat, if viewed under a microscope it actually looks more like a mini mountain range. This rugged surface at a microscopic level (micro-pores) is the reason why glass stains so rapidly and is so difficult to remove. The minerals and or chemicals deposited from tap water and other contaminants lodge in the micro-pores resulting in unsightly white or brown stains.

We can guarantee an advanced high quality stain removal system by experienced trade experts and in most cases can produce complete removal of stains.

The Menace of Hard Water Stains

squeegee iconRemoval of hard water mineral and chemical stains is one of the bigger challenges that professional window cleaners in Perth have to deal with. These can be caused by silica dripping out from seals and hitting the glass surface. The spray off from rain water coming into contact with metal fly screen mesh can also cause staining which can turn stubborn if not tackled in time.

Domestic windowsKeeping windows stain-free is important because if neglected besides diminishing the look and value of your home or building, can result in the need for expensive stain removal or dare I say it, window replacement!

Make sure you use the services of a reputable window cleaning company to get the best results at affordable prices. When it comes to stain removal, the earlier the better. And considering the time and expense of stain removal, prevention is always better than a cure. In short, no matter the situation, having a regular window clean maintenance program in place that’s tailored to suit your particular needs will avoid stains developing in the first place. Remember, not all stains can be completely removed even by the best of window cleaners. Call us now for a free professional residential or commercial stain removal or regular window cleaning maintenance assessment today.

Disclaimer: Only an on-site appraisal by a qualified representative can ensure that stain removal or glass resurfacing is the best viable option in your case. Also, while it will always be improved, please note that depending of the severity of the stain, 100% removal along the edges of the glass may not be possible.

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