Professional Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

House Window Cleaning – The Advantages of Hiring Professionals

Kitchen Cabinet With Granite Tops And Beautiful Window ViewDo you do your own house window cleaning or hire professional cleaners to do the job? Clean windows can make your home look attractive and well-maintained. But the job is not as easy as it may appear. Window washing  involves using the right techniques, tools and processes to get the best results. You may choose to hire professional residential window cleaners for your house when you feel that your windows need a thorough washing. It is absolutely fine to do the basic dusting and weekly cleaning yourself but calling a professional window cleaner at regular intervals will ensure high quality glass cleaning. The frequency at which you may need to get windows cleaned professionally will depend on several factors. If your house is located close to the main road with fairly busy traffic, your windows will attract dirt and dust quickly. Living near the ocean will attract salt carried by the wind which is the cause of a lot of glass damage in coastal suburbs. In such cases, you may have to call for professional assistance regularly; perhaps quarterly.

House Window Cleaning – The advantages of using professionals

There are several advantages of using the services of a professional company. Apart from the high quality workmanship, you can also enjoy a few extra services that companies may throw in as part of their package. Get all those messy high cob webs removed, frames washed, and fly screens cleaned. Get stains, paint splatters, and tape removed. They have the tools and equipment needed to reach hidden spots and areas which you may not even notice during your regular cleaning.

If you stay in a multi-storey apartment, handling your home windows on your own becomes even more challenging because of the obvious inaccessibility. Washing windows at inconvenient heights is not only tiring but highly risky as well. 

Skylights and Glass Roofs Cleaning Takes Special Skills To Accomplish

Glass roofHome skylights and glass roofs cleaning can be a highly specialized task . Skylights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is no standard approach to cleaning skylights because every building presents challenges of a different kind. That’s why it’s important to be flexible and use cleaning procedures and tools that will work best for any given situation. Professional window cleaners with experience in skylight cleaning will be able to decide on the right approach to the job and create an appropriate plan.
 Skylights and glass roofs come in just about any type and size including those fitted on flat, slanting and designer roofs; there are conventional as well as innovatively designed skylights. The goal is to make them free from dirt and grime so that they can serve the purpose of transmitting optimum natural light into your home.

The Advantages of Regular Cleaning

Skylights and glass roofs attract maximum amount of dirt and dust because of their position in the building. Skylights are best cleaned on a regular basis at specific intervals. To achieve that comprehensive clean look, it necessary to clean the inside too from time to time.

It’s also important that safety requirements are adhered to while carrying out the cleaning of skylights, glass roofs and other types of windows  on homes which may not be easily reachable using conventional window cleaning equipment.

Lead Lights Need Special Care and Attention

Lead-lightsLead lights are small panes of coloured or patterned glass held together with a lead H-section design. In the early days of glass production, the limited availability of techniques and machinery allowed manufacturing of only small sections of glass. By using lead, bigger panels were created. Lead light designs led to the creation of the beautiful and artistic stained glass windows seen in numerous cultural heritage buildings. Stained glass is still a key part of many window designs but the technique is a few centuries old. As lead glass windows are different from conventional glass windows, their cleaning and maintenance requires a more specialized approach. The older they are, the harder it is to clean them. This is because of the decay of the lead which holds the glass together which often results in the accumulation of a fine whitish dust deposit which can make the glass surface lose its shine.  Lead lights are sensitive and hence susceptible to scratches whether it be older glass or modern mouth blown glass, Lead lights must never be scrubbed harshly but cleaned lightly. Harsh cleaning agents, chemicals and abrasive cloths should be avoided.

What Professionals bring to the table

Established and experienced house window cleaners in Perth deal with the job of washing commercial and house windows at heights on a regular basis. They are also well-equipped with professional tools and technologies to ensure that the most challenging of houses is handled expertly and completed safely and in good time.