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Why Hotel Window Cleaning is Best Handled by Professionals

Hotel bath with a window view of the oceanHotel management aim to impress guests with their five star service, impeccable maintenance and high cleaning standards. While cleaning of rooms and common spaces are usually handled by professional cleaning and maintenance staff, windows and panes do not generally get the attention they deserve. Window cleaning of hotels in Perth is a specialized task and demands handling by experts. As most hotels have a large number of windows compared to other commercial buildings or establishments, it is important to keep them clean, dirt-free and spotless. This can be best achieved by using the services of a reputable window cleaning service.

Over the past 20 years I have cleaned the windows of the Sheraton Perth, the Duxton hotel, the Ridges, Mounts bay waters apartment hotel, Mantra on Murray Perth, and the Novotel Perth Langley. When you call on CCC Window Cleaning you can be confident you’re in the hands of experienced hotel window cleaning professionals.

Professionals Bring Unmatched Experience to the Job

Opening curtains at hotel to reveal windowsPerth has a relatively dry climate. High levels of dust in the air are due to Western Australia’s arid topography. Hotels located in the coastal suburbs have to deal with the problem of sea spray as well. Professional window cleaners know how to clean windows quickly and efficiently and remove dirt, grime and spray-related stains from hotel windows using advanced window cleaning techniques.
For best hotel window cleaning results, it is advisable to choose a company specializing in serving hotels or similar commercial establishments where there is a constant movement of people. Such settings require a different approach to ensure business is not affected by the activity of the cleaning staff and movement of cleaning equipment.

Choose Services Specializing In Hotel Window Cleaning

Choosing hotel window cleaning professionals or companies that offer a good deal of flexibility in job execution can help. It maybe that some windows will need to be cleaned after your peak business hours when things are relatively calmer in popular hotels whereas other windows such as in hotel guests rooms will need cleaning during business hours when guests are out and about. Flexibility and understanding of Hotel specific requirements will help in delivering the high standard of cleanliness that such facilities demand.
Planning is of crucial importance while performing window cleaning in hotels and other commercial establishments. Windows of hotel rooms must be cleaned on a regular schedule, while those in common public areas must be cleaned at frequent intervals. Professional hotel window cleaning services will go beyond simple window cleaning and removal of dust and cobwebs. They will also clean edges, sills, frames, and hardware.

At CCC we even offer hotel facade washing, solar panel maintenance, internal high level dusting, complete building wash downs, and more.
One of the biggest advantages of hiring our hotel window cleaning specialists is that they will be able to clean windows at heights safely and efficiently by using the appropriate cleaning processes and equipment. They will also be able to reach hard-to-access areas and keep every single window of your establishment sparkling clean and absolutely spotless.