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At CCC, we plan every large window cleaning assignments down to the last detail. This helps us create and stick to a time schedule which works best for physicians, patients and medical staff.
We follow the prescribed safety norms for window cleaning for buildings of all sizes and heights. Appropriate cleaning equipment and devices from cradles to advanced support systems are deployed according to the specific requirements of every window cleaning assignment.

Clean internal glassCleaning windows of clinics and hospitals require a different approach. Hospitals require cleanliness of the highest level in every nook and corner including windows. Cleaning staff members cannot be expected to clean hospital windows the right way. Hiring professional cleaning services specializing in hospital window cleaning is necessary to keep windows free from dirt, dust, grime and disease-causing substances.
CCC is one of the most dependable names in cleaning of windows in clinics and hospitals. Our services are being regularly used by some of the leading clinics and medical services in Perth and I have personally had years of experience in cleaning the biggest names in the hospital industries from Princess Margaret to Saint John of God’s. Our professional and trained window cleaners know what it takes to deliver high quality cleaning results while cleaning hospital windows.
We use the latest equipment, tools and technologies available in the industry to keep windows of clinics and hospitals sparkling and spotlessly clean. Our professionals will make sure they do the job as inconspicuously as possible to make sure patients are not disturbed in any manner.
We understand the need for flexibility while working is clinics and hospitals and that’s why our services are accommodating and can be worked around to match the convenience of our clients. Window cleaning services for clinics and hospitals can be scheduled through the night or during the day to make the task as unobtrusive as possible.

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