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Our services include high rise window cleaning for apartment buildings and offices. We clean high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise buildings. We have not yet been asked to quote a building in Perth we cannot effectively window clean. Our high rise commercial and industrial Perth team will clean your windows to your specifications or we’ll come back and repeat the work free of charge. Perth commercial and industrial services can be provided on a frequent regular or semi-regular basis or even on just a one-off basis. It’s completely up to you. The largest majority of our work is for repeat customers and we offer services all over Perth, North Perth, South Perth, East Perth, and West Perth. And of course, Perth C.B.D.

We always use a combination of the best balance of ergonomic techniques and safe work platforms to provide you with a professional and cost effective solution. We provide Perth commercial services for some of the most prestigious companies in Perth and have 20 years experience in high rise and low rise commercial window cleaning including rope access, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cradle window cleaning for buildings fitted with a B.M.U (Building maintenance unit), and more recently in the last decade ‘pure water-fed pole window cleaning’.

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High Rise Window Cleaning – Trained Professionals Do the Job Better

squeegee iconCleaning professionals make use of specialized equipment to access and clean the glass on high rise buildings and apartments. The job is a highly specialised one and involves extensive training in the methods and techniques involved in the cleaning process. Ordinary cleaning personnel will not be able to handle this high-risk professional task.

The services of high rise window cleaners are usually called in by hotels, shopping malls, condominiums and multi-storey apartments and office buildings to clean windows, facades, and even for minor maintenance, cob-webbing, dusting, high pressure spraying, solar panel maintenance, and more. High rise window cleaners can also involve removing water stains, dust, bird droppings and salt residue among other things that generally stain window panes. They use innovative and advanced processes and products that do not leave any streaks or soapy residue on the windows.

Windows on high rise buildings and skyscrapers are generally larger than usual to provide the unique view that one can get from such heights. But that view can be enjoyed only when the windows are dirt-free and sparkling clean. So what does it take to keep the glass on high rise buildings clean and scrupulous? The answer is a professional window cleaning service that specializes in high rise buildings.

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