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From hotels to offices, Perth buildings look significantly more attractive if the windows are cleaned and well maintained. From industrial to commercial, windows add more elegance to the structure of the building improving the look and feel of the whole locality. Well maintained windows give you a positive signal about the building whether it be a Perth residential house or a commercial office property. Hazardous contaminants that persist on the window are likely to cause damage to the glass. Regular cleaning removes them and protects the glass from damage. For window cleaning Perth northern suburbs as well as southern suburbs phone CCC Window Cleaning.

Attractive windows – Attractive buildings

A professional glass cleaning company in Perth like CCC brings experience and high levels of expertise to the window cleaning process whether it be residential, industrial, or commercial office window cleaning in Perth. CCC use the latest in glass cleaning technology to do a thorough cleaning job right the first time.

Extends the Lifetime of your Windows

Removal of dust, dirt, and other corrosive substances on the glass can be achieved by professional commercial and residential glass cleaning in Perth. This will protect the glass from being damaged and thus extends the life of windows and accessories.

The Heating effect

Windows act as a provision for natural light to enter a building. The building is kept warm and bright by daylight. Hence cleaning and maintaining the windows of your commercial or residential building should be considered as an important task.

Saves time

Finding time to clean your windows in the midst of all duties and responsibilities may turn out to be a challenge for most for us. Time is money and CCC will save you plenty of both. Perth northern suburbs and southern suburbs.

Window Cleaning In Perth SuburbsCost-Effective

If you compare the overall expense required for hiring a professional Perth glass cleaner with that of your doing the job yourself, then it can be concluded that using professional glass cleaning services can be a money saver in the long term.

Do your Research

Each company in Perth has a unique work strategy in the window cleaning industry. Some are residential or commercial only. Others are low rise or high rise only. Some offer extra services like solar panel cleaning. Others offer discounts. Some concentrate on particular suburbs while a very few are all encompassing. It’s good to do your research.

Licensing and Insurance

One of the most important matters for consideration is to check whether the company is licensed and insured. They should have proper levels of insurance based on your company or organizations specifications. For large commercial office buildings in Perth this would often amount to 10 million in public liability as well as workers compensation for any employees or sub-contractors. Whether your window cleaner is there for 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, or 5 weeks, we cannot predict the eventualities, so it is vital for the window cleaning service to hold adequate insurance. Check for a valid ABN number. Don’t take the risk!


The more experience the window cleaning service has, the higher likelihood of quality workmanship and know how. Particularly for larger commercial applications is experience a must. Find out how long the company has been in business. Check references and verify.

Fair pricing

Window cleaning services in Perth vary in their prices. It will be better to choose the service that will meet your needs effectively at an affordable rate. Don’t forget to ask about specials. Discounts are usually offered for clients wanting a more regular service. Huge discounts are often provided to Perth commercial properties that want there windows cleaned bi-monthly or more frequently.

Guarantee offered

Some window cleaning services in Perth offer you a work guarantee. Companies that do often provide a higher quality service. Employees usually work more carefully and efficiently because of its existence.

A couple of businesses even offer rain guarantees. Can a window cleaner work in the rain? Yes! Rain itself does not dirty windows. The real question should be; Does he want to get wet? The rain guarantee was created in an attempt to put clients’ minds at ease since there are a lot of misconceptions about the effect of rain on glass.

We offer both a work satisfaction guarantee and a rain guarantee. Not that we clean windows in the rain but should your newly cleaned windows be affected by freak stormy weather, we’ve got you covered.

The Use of professional equipment

Are they using the latest in safety first water-fed cleaning and are they using Eco-friendly mild solutions and products? How will they protect your flooring?

Trade organizations

Does the window cleaner you are planning to hire belong to a trade organization? These organizations ensure efficient work and up to date safety techniques in the window cleaning industry.

Effective communication

Engage in effective and healthy communication with the window cleaning professional you are hiring to ensure work is carried out according to your companies’ specifications.


Most window cleaning businesses offer free quotes but not many offer free quotes in all areas. Also, the way quotes are done vary. Some quote in person, some on the phone, still others by email, or via an online quote form. Some only quote commercial buildings or only residential properties. Height is another factor as many window cleaners in Perth only clean low rise.

Get it in Writing

Finally, get the quote along with the agreed frequency in writing. An email is perfect! This can be referred to later should any discrepancies arise.



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