A glance at signs and through windows advise on what is inside providing a brief idea of what can be expected after walking through the door. Many shops keep their interior floor and décor clean.  Yet a shocking number of city shop fronts have never been dirtier.  A stroll down Perth City malls has turned into optical torture!  Look outside at your own shop front signage, walls, and frames.  Are they regularly cleaned?  What message is your shop front sending to your customers? Are exterior signs, walls, and frames as well as interior windows becoming increasingly dirty.  While it is necessary for exterior windows to be cleaned on a regular basis, a vital question must be asked.  Is it time we expanded our cleaning requirements to include our full shop front rather than just one small part of it?

Fact: Client acquisition will be facilitated by your shop front presence. Your shop front is the best advertisement you can have, but is it looking its best?

Myth:  Interior windows can be cleaned on a hit and miss basis provided the outside of the windows are cleaned regularly.

If you haven’t had your internal windows cleaned lately – Look at your own windows.  The external side of the window may be clean, yet customers continue to look through dirty glass, marring their view of both your products and professionalism.  It is essential for any shop front to have interior windows cleaned on a monthly minimum basis.  Cleaning only the outside of the window is only half the job!

How clean is your shop front? (Your whole shop front – not just your windows)

Shop Fronts Have Never Been DirtierYour sign communicates with your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  A regular complete weekly wash down of walls and signage will probably cost you less than $3 a day.  Certainly, a small but wise investment considering how many people will see it over the course of a day.  This is a must in keeping your premises clean and presentable to customers. We specialize in city shop fronts resulting in higher quality and lower cost to you.

Your entire shop front can now be cleaned including your shop sign, windows, doors and frames, making your shop stand out from the rest.  Your shop will be completely washed down using our innovative low pressure cleaning system that results in minimal water wastage and does not damage paintwork or signs.  Your signs represent your business.  Are they clean?  Fortunately, even the smallest business can now have the peace of mind of knowing their sign will be cleaned on a regular basis, thereby ensuring your business image remains intact and you stand out from local competition.

All you need to do is contact us through one of our online quote forms or call 1300 72 87 72 and request a regular shop front wash and or regular external/internal window clean and we will be there week after week, month after month at your service. It’s that easy!


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