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Looking for experienced solar panel cleaners in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia? Be it a small commercial/residential roof-top installation or a large solar panel farm, the team at CCC have got you covered! See images from one of our solar panel cleaning projects below.

The efficiency of most devices and products we depend upon daily all come down to regular cleaning maintenance. Take for example the air filter in your new sports car, your state-of-the-art computer system, or even your home vacuum cleaner. Dirty and clogged equipment runs more slowly, burns through more power, and “meets its maker” all the sooner. Solar panels are a boom to green power supplies since they use the inexhaustible energy of the sun. However, being exposed to the elements day in and day out also means that solar panels become a landing strip for stray pollen, dust, sand, leaves, and anything else that decides to hitch a ride on the wind. It has been noted that the power output from photo-voltaic solar panels can be cut by 25 to 30 percent simply due to an unclean surface. Clearly then, the cleaner the solar panel, the better its efficiency will be.


Solar panels NEED to be cleaned. Solar panels are prone to much more general dirt build-up than are windows.

Rain will NOT wash off much of the build-up.

High Pressure Cleaning CAN very likely damage your solar panels.

Cleaning with tap water CAN stain solar panels and can reduce output.

Solar panel cleaning is NOT an easy safe DIY job in most cases.

Solar panel cleaning CAN be dangerous, even life-threatening, if the right technique and equipment is not employed.

Dirt build-up on solar panels DOES affect output and can affect the overall life-span of the panels themselves.

Not having your solar panels cleaned regularly CAN in some cases affect your warranty.

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning In Perth Northern & Southern suburbs

Shining Solar PanelsThough we all know the expression “as smooth as glass”, microscopically speaking glass windows are anything but smooth, rather, they have minute ditches and crevices called micro-pores. Chemicals and minerals from both hard and soft water (tap water in any location), settle and lodge in the micro-pores resulting in visibly noticeable off-white spotty marks. This mineral and chemical build-up causes permanent damage to the outer glass layer of your solar panel conversely affecting power output. It is therefore recommended by solar panel manufacturers that they be cleaned only with 100% pure water.

At CCC we understand the importance of running at full capacity, whether it is to provide solar power or otherwise. Additionally, our eco-friendly cleaning techniques and equipment as well as our pure water technology methods will make sure that your solar panel surfaces are not only dirt free, but gleaming and streak free, which in turn translates into higher voltage output.

Let us bring you the experience and top quality trustworthy service you need at a price you will find hard to beat. We will provide a safe and cost effective solution to cleaning your solar panels, guaranteed. Our professional Perth solar panel cleaners will provide you with a safe cost effective solution to any cleaning challenge. CCC provide high quality solar panel cleaning in Perth northern and southern suburbs.