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Shopfront window cleaning PerthLooking for retail (shopfront) window cleaning? In the North we offer window cleaning services in areas such as Wangara, Malaga, Balcatta, and Osborne Park. In the South we offer services in Victoria Park, Kewdale, Carlisle, Welshpool, and many more. In the East, we provide window cleaning in areas like Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, City Beach, and many more suburbs.  And of course, we clean windows in Perth C.B.D.

Shop Front (Retail) Window Cleaning – Why it’s important

For your business to prosper, it needs clients and customers. Whether small or large, a determining factor as to whether interested parties will venture into your shop or pass it by is the aesthetic appeal of your shop front. Clean shop front windows show you are committed to high quality service, and mean your business is important to you as are your customers.

Window Cleaning Osborne Park FerrariWhat is more, clean shop front windows with sparkling glass do not obscure window displays or detract from other attractive features. Window shoppers are not put off by a cloudy view of the interior of your shop. Lastly, it keeps your shop looking new and modern rather than run-down and lacking in clientèle.

Shop Front Window Cleaning – Why choose us

We here at CCC Perth are committed to helping you represent your business properly by providing shop front commercial window cleaning including external tiles and walls as well as signs. Our experience, care, and use of some of the latest and most Eco-friendly equipment are sure to bring you top quality work at affordable rates to keep your property looking its best.  We also offer sign cleaning.

For Perth commercial window cleaning contact us at CCC for a risk free quote, or sample our services as part of our ‘try before you buy’ system. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Examining shop windowsIf you’re looking for professional Perth commercial window cleaners for your shop front, you’ve come to the right place. For shop front and small businesses choose CCC. Why? While we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, our first impression of a business is often based on its appearance. The first impression a customer gets for better or for worse are your windows, frames, and doorways. A monthly Perth commercial window cleaning service will produce clean, shiny windows and frames and contribute to an atmosphere that’s clean and inviting to valued customers. Our Perth commercial glass cleaning professionals will ensure your windows are spotless and your first impression is the type of impression any professional company would desire namely that you offer top quality products and services.

A price cutting technique of some smaller businesses is to use their office cleaners or staff to clean the windows instead of a hiring a professional Perth window cleaning service. Are either of these options viable?

Business meeting - Office glass partitionsWhat about using your office cleaners to clean the windows? Put simply, window cleaners can clean offices but office cleaners rarely have the skill set for window cleaning. Window cleaning is a skill to be mastered even for cleaning ground level windows. Almost anyone with a good work ethic can wipe table tops, empty bins, and vacuum. Window cleaning on the other hand can take years of training especially at a height. The next issue is that the office cleaners’ original quote in almost all cases includes only the cleaning of the front door glass, not any other windows. A common problem I’ve seen many times with businesses that don’t have a professional window cleaner is a comparatively clean door with a disgustingly dirty window just above it along with big dirty glass panels either side. The reason being again is that the office cleaner doesn’t have the skill set and know how nor is the cleaning of all the windows included in the original price.

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Secondly, how about getting your staff to clean the windows? Once again window cleaning requires much time and training to master even for ground level windows. The difficulty at ground level can be tripled for windows out of arms reach. Another problem with this approach has to do with a commonly held viewpoint that window cleaning while important is menial labor and most staff will use every excuse in the book to avoid it. Us CCC window cleaners on the other hand love cleaning windows and offer a wide array of professional Perth window cleaning services.  No job too small. CCC can guarantee your satisfaction with every window clean. If you are not completely satisfied our professional window cleaners will perform the window cleaning again free of charge. Since the majority of our work is for repeat customers, from houses to high rise we are committed to complete every job flawlessly every time.  CCC is a Perth WA based company that brings you VIP retail window cleaning at affordable prices.

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