Schools & University Window Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of school windows with the time restraints associated with school holidays whether it be in the December Christmas holidays or otherwise. Schools generally require the removal of tape and other adhesives stuck to the windows. Another one of our specialties.
School premises are generally kept very neat and tidy but the glass is one area that’s commonly neglected. School windows do not get much attention from janitors or cleaning contractors as perhaps the classrooms, corridors and flooring. But it is important to keep windows and associated areas clean and spotless because they can enhance the overall look of the school. Keeping windows clean and dirt-free is a challenging task which cannot be handled efficiently by in-house cleaning staff. Hiring professional window cleaners is a must to achieve a thorough cleaning job and avoid unsightly glass scratches or tint damage that often result from the unprofessional removal of glass adhesives.
Choosing a cleaning service that’s experienced in handling school window cleaning can be tough since many service providers claim to be expert school window cleaners when in fact, school window cleaning calls for expertise of a very high level.

Hire Reputed and Dependable Services for Best Results

Ordinary window cleaners may not be able to do a good job in this area of cleaning as they are generally not equipped with skilled manpower and the right equipment to do the job perfectly and in a timely manner nor do they have the expertise to remove stains and adhesives such as sticky tape from glass surfaces. The best way to find a reliable and experienced service that specializes in school window cleaning is to visit nearby schools and get their opinion or look up trade reviews to find out the top performing companies.
The top services in Perth specializing in schools usually offer a comprehensive package that covers every aspect of school window cleaning including the cleaning of window panes from inside and outside, removing cobwebs from around the windows and grills, cleaning of window frames and sills, removing, cleaning and replacing fly-screens. They make sure there are no streaks or marks left behind after the cleaning process.

Other Key Aspects to Consider

Perth Applecross High School window cleaningIt is equally important to choose a school window cleaner with flexible timing. They must be able to schedule cleaning timings in such a manner that students are not disturbed. Leading cleaning services always offer schools the choice of timings that are most convenient for them. School window cleaning assignments are usually scheduled outside of school hours or on weekends and holidays.
Another important thing to consider while hiring professional school window cleaning services is to make sure they use safe, Eco-friendly and chemical-free substances. There shouldn’t be any traces of chemicals on frames, windows, on floors, walls, or in the air after the cleaning process is complete. Such leftover chemicals can adversely affect the health of kids, school staff and even the flora and fauna in the area. Hire a service committed to using green and environment-friendly cleaning solutions and processes.