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We are using a revolutionary method of cleaning windows, facades, walls, and entire buildings. It is safer, long lasting, and produces better results! Water Fed pole systems allow us to continue guaranteeing one-of-a-kind results, while eliminating hazardous chemicals and unsafe factors!

Tap water is filtered through a pure water system and completely purified, removing all anions and cations (spotting ions) in the water, which is then fed through a tube, attached to a brush or scrubbing bar at the end of a pole. The tool is then used to scrub the building glass or façade; it lightly agitates the surface and breaks down the dirt. The pure water will remove all dirt without leaving streaks. This is an advanced ‘ladderless’ OHS approved system, eliminating any need for detergents and squeegees as well as many access and safety issues, leaving your windows streak-free and shining.  External view of a contemporary house with pool at duskCCC are experienced and skilled in all facets of cleaning from residential to large commercial properties and specialize in water-fed pole work. For residential, industrial and commercial buildings of all sizes, CCC is the Perth WA company to call.

We Specialise in commercial, industrial, and residential or domestic window cleaning and can access just about any building with our pure water fed pole reach and wash systems.

Paper towel, newspaper, vinegar, plain water—ever reached for these when you wanted to get a smudge off your living room window? For entertaining a couple of dinner guests those home remedies may suffice, but what about your commercial establishment or for that matter your entire building?

We need to make a statement about our place of business or our residence. But outside of color schemes, manicured gardens and the like, we may overlook one of the most obvious yet most powerful ways to make that statement—cleanliness. We at CCC provide Perth window washing services that help you achieve that goal. Why? A beautiful face can be marred by a smile of stained teeth. So it is with dirty, dusty windows and grimy glass doors—they detract from the overall image. So how do our Perth technicians remedy this problem? We use the latest in professional window cleaning technology.

How Will It Benefit Me?

  • Water fed pole technology eliminates the use of ladders, lifts, scaffolding, and other potentially dangerous equipment, making it safer than traditional window cleaning. Potential accidents are reduced exponentially because staff members are working safely from the ground. We can ensure a smooth and satisfactory window cleaning experience.
  • Water fed pole cleaning is environmentally friendly. This method of window cleaning completely eliminates detergents, soaps, and chemicals. We can guarantee no chemical or mineral damage is left on your property and make certain that all of our actions are environmentally friendly.
  • Pure water leave windows looking flawless without use of harmful chemicals. Our pure water-fed system removes all anions and cations (spotting ions) from the water. This produces a film-less, smear-free surface as the glass is washed and rinsed with pure water.
  • Since the frames and rubber seals are washed in the process, the window will remain cleaner for longer. Since there is no dirt left surrounding the window, the rain doesn’t wash the dirt back onto the window off the frames shortly thereafter as it does to some extent with a traditional squeegee method.
  • Pure water technology allows us to assure enhanced results at a minimal inconvenience to you. Our top priority is to do the best job possible while maintaining your privacy and reducing the risk of disturbances.
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