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Pure Water Window Cleaning!

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Houses to multi-storey buildings! Pure water window cleaning is one of the most popular techniques used by window cleaners in Perth for cleaning office windows at a height of 3-8 storeys.  With this method window cleaners use purified water to clean the glass surface and surrounding frames leaving a run free finish. It cleans up to 8 storeys in some cases without the need for rope access or cherry pickers, which means a lower cost to our clients as well as a safety first approach.


Paper towel, newspaper, vinegar, plain water—ever reached for these when you wanted to get a smudge off your living room window? For entertaining a couple of dinner guests those home remedies may suffice, but what about your commercial office establishment or for your entire home?

We need to make a statement about our place of business or our residence. But outside of house and office color schemes, manicured gardens and the like, we may overlook one of the most obvious yet most powerful ways to make that statement—cleanliness. Our Perth window cleaners help you achieve that goal. Why?  A beautiful face can be marred by a smile of stained teeth. So it is with dirty, dusty windows and grimy glass doors—they detract from the overall image. So how do we remedy this problem? We use the latest in professional office and house technology.

Water Window CleaningThe first element is pure water. Why? Because it is free of contaminates that stain or leave residue. That means your windows and surrounding frames as well as glass doors are not only clean but free of runs and streaks. This is especially important when cleaning solar panels which require optimum light in order to provide power. Our pure-water fed system makes sure your surfaces are pristine.

We here at CCC know that seeing is believing. That is why we provide you with free quotations, a ‘try before you buy’ system and a written guarantee of satisfaction. Contact us for top notch window cleaners at affordable prices.

One of the poles we use is part of a modular system made of carbon fiber that provides quick adaptability with optional goose necks for further reach.  There is almost no sign, solar panel, or window beyond the reach of this pure-water fed pole below 6 storeys.

We also use a telescopic carbon composite pole. It’s a new generation light weight telescopic pole that allows for more accurate placement on the glass than a modular pole. It’s quicker on set up and more durable. It’s up to 40% lighter than a fibre glass pole and up to 25% more rigid. Perfect for commercial window cleaning Perth.

Our Perth commercial window cleaners use various sizes of traditional brushes and the Jetstream depending on the height, size, and regularity of cleans.

All types of buildings including hotels, schools, nursing homes, shops, offices and residential properties. Builders cleans, one off vacate cleans, and regular business and house window cleans. We provide a professional VIP service be it residential or commercial at competitive prices.

Check out our sign cleaning and solar panel cleaning pages for more details.

Our technicians are experts in the use of Pure water window cleaning techniques for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic glass applications and will ensure that not only your windows but also your frames and rubber seals are left entirely clean and free from debris and spots. Can the pure water technique be used on any commercial building? No, but whenever possible this is an excellent method especially for commercial buildings, with great results. Rest assured that our technicians will choose the most safe and cost effective method that will leave your windows sparkling clean every time or we’ll repeat the work, guaranteed!

Visit us at and get a Free quotation for Perth Commercial Window Cleaners.

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