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High Rise Window Cleaning Processes

woman revealing clean windowsCleaning professionals make use of specialized equipment to access and clean the glass on high rise buildings and apartments. The job is a highly specialised one and involves extensive training in the methods and techniques involved in the cleaning process. Ordinary cleaning personnel will not be able to handle this high-risk professional task.

The services of high rise window cleaners are usually called in by hotels, shopping malls, condominiums and multi-storey apartments and office buildings to clean windows, facades, and even for minor maintenance, cob-webbing, dusting, high pressure spraying, solar panel maintenance, and more. High rise window cleaners can also involve removing water stains, dust, bird droppings and salt residue among other things that generally stain window panes. They use innovative and advanced processes and products that do not leave any streaks or soapy residue on the windows.

Cleaning windows isn’t always easy. While some windows require nothing more than soap and water, other types of windows are extraordinarily difficult to clean. If you are dealing with windows like this, you are probably interested in determining the best way to keep them clean.

One of the best things you can do is work with a company that offers Abseil window cleaning services. These types of services are used to clean windows that are unusually tall or in a high location. They require someone to hang down ropes (otherwise known as Rope Access) so that they can get close to the windows and can clean them thoroughly.

How can you find a company that offers these types of services? Here are a few of the things that you should try to look for:

Find A Company That Specializes In High Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows while hanging above the ground can be incredibly dangerous. Because of this, you won’t want to leave this task to someone that isn’t equipped to handle it. Instead, you should only hire experts to clean your windows in this way.

Perth City BuildingsCleaning your windows isn’t something that you can afford to put off. If you want to keep your windows looking great and avoid long-term damage and expensive glass replacement, you are going to have to have them cleaned on a regular basis. Because of this, you should look for a company that charges fair and reasonable rates for window cleanings.

There are companies that specialize in these types of cleaning methods. Look for a company that specialize in Abseil window cleaning rather than abseil maintenance services. The former specialize in this particular field and this will generally mean and more efficient service with reduced rates. Windows on high rise buildings and skyscrapers are generally larger than usual to provide the unique view that one can get from such heights. But that view can be enjoyed only when the windows are dirt-free and sparkling clean. So what does it take to keep the glass on high rise buildings clean and scrupulous? The answer is a professional window cleaning service that specializes in high rise buildings.

You may want to call several companies in your area and ask them to give you a quotation. Ask for an on-site assessment which will provide you with an accurate appraisal and price. Request the same break-down of services from all of the abseil window cleaners. A three tier break-down is advisable. Without the same break-down it would be impossible to fairly compare and without a firm quotation via an on-site assessment it would be futile to start comparing companies as the price may change upon arrival on-site. Once you have the FIRM quotations in hand, you can compare them and find a cleaning company that you can afford and that more importantly will provide you with a high quality, stress-free service. For larger jobs that require Abseil Window Cleaning we have provided the following as a guide for you to get the best window cleaner at the best price. Here are the main points that would be helpful to clarify with your window cleaner:

Ask for particular ways they plan to cut costs. For example, perhaps the whole building does not need to be abseiled. Many of the lower levels could be water-poled. Is the building lower than 7 storeys? Does it need abseiling at all? Are there ledges with safety rails and points? Do you already have safety rope access eye-bolts and latch-way systems installed on the roof? Is there a large quantity of windows with access issues? Could an elevated work platform be utilized for a short amount of time?

When you are speaking to an abseil window cleaning company, find out exactly what is included in their services. Be specific! Are there any additional fees that aren’t included in the quote? Get a reply in writing.


Scope of works

Proposal EVALUATION criteria

Requirements and format of the proposal

Qualitative & compliance:

Understanding of the Scope of Work

Proposed Work Plan and Schedule

Estimated Cost of Site Specific Equipment

Proposed Team (Organizational Structure)

Relevant Experience and Client References

Occupational Safety & Health (Manuals and Policies)

Insurance & Certification

Find A Reliable Window Cleaning Company

Window Cleaning - Abseilling & Rope AccessWhen you hire someone to perform a service for you, you have to be able to count on them to do the job that you have hired them to do. Since abseil window cleaning is a highly specialized field, you should work to find a cleaning company that is both trustworthy and reliable.

How can you determine this? One of the simplest things you can do is look at the reviews that people have written for the cleaning companies in your area. If a company has received plenty of positive reviews from people, it is likely that you will also have positive experiences with them. To that end, choose a company with a strong online presence.

You may also want to talk to the people you know that have hired professional window cleaners. Find out which companies they used, and learn whether or not they were satisfied with the job that was done. You should also find out whether or not they hired the company for Abseil window cleaning services.

If you are hiring a company to perform a service for you, you shouldn’t have to bend over backwards in order to get the job completed. Instead, you should be able to find someone that is willing to work with you in order to get the job done.

Find an Abseil window cleaning company that is able to match your schedule. Find a company that can provide you with the services that you need at the time when you need it the most.

Is the company quick to get in touch with you and answer your questions? The more difficult a company is to work with now, the more likely it is that you will have problems with them in the future.

With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a skilled company with plenty of abseil window cleaning experience.

Using Proven Safety Measures – Key to Success in High Rise Window Cleaning

High rise window cleaning is a highly specialized job which requires focus and concentration of the highest level. Regular and extensive training is imperative to achieve the expertise needed to clean windows in high rises professionally. Professional window cleaners offering window cleaning services in high rises make use of the best cleaning equipment and modern technologies to achieve consistent success in their high rise window cleaning projects.

Professional Window Cleaning companies make sure that all high rise assignments and projects are handled by a team of professionals specifically trained in the latest high rise window cleaning methods. They also remain current with the evolving procedures and methodologies in high rise safety.
They make sure the risk assessment specific to every high rise window cleaning project is understood and studied in detail so that their team understands how the job can be best done to mitigate risk factors, reduce time and achieve top results. High rise window cleaning professionals know how to carry out the job expertly without any disruption to the clients or their staff or the working environment.

Various Safe Window Cleaning Equipment for High Rises

Rope AccessRope access is one of the most common methods employed for high rise window cleaning. It is regarded as a safe and affordable way of accessing high rise buildings for window cleaning. Rope access equipment is lightweight and portable which makes access to high rise windows easy and comfortable for those working on these windows.
Cradle access systems in situations where high rise building has a bespoke system available for professionals to use for accessing windows in high rises.
Water fed pole systems are also commonly used for cleaning windows in high rise buildings. By using water fed poles cleaning professionals are spared the risks associated with working at great height. The window to be cleaned can be viewed from the ground level and can be cleaned comprehensively, easily and without risk using clean water fed pole.
You may attempt a DIY for your residential low-storey but high rise window cleaning for offices is a job for highly trained and experienced professionals. We specialize in cleaning windows of all types of high rises in residential and commercial buildings. Our long years of experience in handling window cleaning of high rises makes us one of the best in the domain of window cleaning of high rise offices in Perth and surrounding areas.

Why You Must Keep Office Windows Clean

The view from windows of a high rise office can take your breath away, literally! Especially if you fall out. Working in an office situated in a high rise building has several advantages. You get a good amount of natural light and work in a private and noise-free environment. But good lighting and a great view is only possible if the windows are cleaned regularly and kept dirt-free. We can make sure that every window of the high rise we are working on is absolutely dirt-free and gives you a clear, unrestricted view of the outside world.

Why Use Services of Specialists

Cleaning windows of high rise offices cannot be carried out using the same approach applied for cleaning windows of low-rise and mid-rise buildings. These windows almost always have an access problem and require special equipment and tools to reach and work on comfortably. Besides this, cleaning high rise windows can be handled only by experts who are highly trained in this job and have years of experience under their belt.
We have a great track record of providing high quality window cleaning services to all types of buildings including high rise offices in Perth and surrounding areas, regardless of the height of the building and the challenges involved.
Our clients prefer using our high rise window cleaning services because not only do we ensure detailed and comprehensive cleaning, we do it without compromising on the safety factors. We follow the stringent safety standards set by the authorities.

Safety First – We Work In Secure Settings

Professionals undergo regular safety training so that they can serve you safely and work in a stress-free environment. They have invested heavily in state-of-the-art window cleaning equipment which allows our professionals to reach any heights conveniently. The feeling of being 100 per cent secure helps them deliver their best even in the most challenging work conditions.
They take all factors into consideration before they start our high rise office window cleaning process to make sure the project is completed smoothly and successfully.

The Numerous Advantages of Using Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s) for Window Cleaning

Window Cleaner in BMUProfessional window cleaning services dealing with cleaning of windows in high rise apartments in both commercial and residential sectors use advanced cleaning systems and machinery to achieve high quality cleaning results without compromising on the safety aspect. A popular method employed for accessing windows located at great heights is Building Maintenance Unit or BMU.
Reliable and Convenient Access to Windows in High Rise Buildings
Building Maintenance Units are also called Cradle Systems and can be used for accessing windows of high rise buildings safely for cleaning, repair and maintenance process. These units can be combined with other window cleaning equipment such as monorails for enhanced safety and reliability of cleaning operations. Installed building maintenance units are also used by professional high-rise window cleaners to wash windows in challenging conditions and situations.
By using building maintenance units, workers can overcome access issues. The time consuming process of storing and rigging equipment can also be completely eliminated. By using BMU, more space can be created which ensures greater convenience and more effective cleaning of windows. Another advantage to the BMU system is that it is less costly to maintain than other machinery. It can be set up quickly and effortlessly faster and can be adjusted to travel up and between various windows. The hassles and the risks associated with of window cleaning can be reduced significantly.
There are many types of building maintenance units available for window cleaning tasks. The high-tech ones allow the unit to be operated from the platform or the rooftop depending on the specific requirement of the project.

Operators Remain in Charge of Operations at All Times

Operators can use the controls of the building maintenance units to carry out platform elevation or platform rotation easily. The controls also allow raising and lowering of the jib. The platform can be steered to any side and direction safely to reach places that can be tough to access using conventional machinery. The advanced units allow smooth and jerk-free operation which works as a huge confidence booster for window cleaners.
It is important to train window cleaners extensively in Building Maintenance Unit operations so that they can operate the system according to the needs of the work situation. BMU allows safe and fast cleaning of windows even in seemingly complex work situations. It is a great way to achieve high quality window cleaning at reduced costs.

The Various Types of Elevated Working Platforms (EWP’s) Used for Safe and Effective Window Cleaning.

Professional Cleaner on Cherry pickerTo provide window cleaning services of the highest quality, it is imperative to ensure that you have well-trained and skilled professionals. It is equally important to follow the safety regulations prescribed for the industry by the governing authorities. When you have modern window cleaning equipment and tools supporting your efforts, your workers will be able to deliver the best as they feel more confident and safe. With risk factors down to the minimum level possible, you will be able to provide consistently high quality services.
The safety equipment and tools used by top companies have changed significantly over the years. The cleaning processes and devices being used today are designed by expert engineers to ensure high levels of safety even when working at dizzying heights. Designs of elevated working platforms (EWP) used for cleaning windows have evolved dramatically over the years. Some of the most commonly used EWPs are boom-lift, snorkel, cherry picker, scissor lift, man lift, and others.
Boom Lifts are designed for reaching elevated windows that cannot be reached easily by using other equipment such as a telescopic lift. The tower of the lift can be elevated to reach greater heights and work safely. The lift can rotate 360 degrees and can be operated easily to serve as an effective window cleaning platform.
Scissor Lifts are a boon to window cleaning professionals as it creates a larger and more convenient working area. It’s used where greater lifting capacities and larger working areas are required. These lifts can be effortlessly maneuvered even in the elevated state by extending the decks to add to the working area. This makes scissor lifts the perfect EWP to clean windows situated in positions that are tricky to reach.
Snorkels are also used by professional window cleaners for high-rise buildings and apartments. It is a practical and safe solution for working at heights. It not only enhances the safety factor but also improves productivity as workers can focus on the job without having to balance on rickety platforms or concrete parapets and edges.
Scissor lifts also form a crucial part of the machinery that top cleaning services use for cleaning windows at greater heights. With its tight turning circles, scissor lifts can be perfect for use in confined spaces. Spiders are also great for indoor spaces when you need some extra reach. Cherry picker and man lifts are also highly advanced equipment, which are used to enhance the safety of cleaning professionals and to ensure improved performance and output.

Window Cleaners in Perth often use a type of elevated work platform normally mounted on a truck called a Picker (or Cherry Picker). It is one of the most popular elevated work platforms used by window cleaners in Perth for external commercial window cleans. Cherry pickers that we here at Perth window cleaning services use can reach up to 140 feet.

These days Commercial Window cleaners in Perth use cherry pickers for limited applications (Usually between 5 and 10 stories) although some cherry pickers in Perth can go up to 70 meters or more. As most Perth window cleaners use water pole techniques up to 5 or 6 stories the need for a cherry picker has become more limited. On top of this as safety regulations become stricter buildings are usually fitted with rope access eye-bolts and anchors which make rope access a more popular choice among some of the bigger window cleaning companies. Rope access is preferred on commercial buildings where cherry picker access is not available or where heights are in excess of 10 stories where no cradle is fitted. With rope access window cleaners have limited reach on each drop. It can therefore be more time efficient in some instances to use a Cherry picker for 10 stories or less. See our window cleaning rope access page for more detail. While our Cherry pickers can go higher than 10 stories, structural building complexities as well as difficult access areas mean that a Cherry Picker can rarely get to full height.

Scissor lifts and Spiders for commercial window cleaning have advantages over Cherry pickers in certain applications especially inside or at lower heights and each of these work platforms, both Scissor lifts and Spiders have their own distinct advantages. Cherry pickers were originally designed for use in orchards because the design of a Cherry picker allows for an up and over reach so that fruit pickers (not just cherry pickers) could do their job with minimal damage to the tree. Interestingly the Cherry picker is still one of the most popular aerial work platforms for tree loppers and window cleaners alike.