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Why Us? – Our Commercial Window Cleaners

CCC are leading commercial window cleaning specialists! Our window cleaners offer a an array of services including high low rise commercial window cleaning in Perth WA. 3 storeys, 4 storeys, 5 storeys, 6 storeys, 7 storeys, 8 storeys. All done with our feet on the ground with the latest in water-fed pole technology. 10 storeys? 20 storeys? Not a problem for our commercial team. Our professional Perth commercial window cleaners will clean your windows to your specifications or we’ll come back and repeat the work free of charge. We use only professional commercial products and protect your internal flooring with drop cloths along with the most utmost care. Our commercial services can be provided on a frequent regular or semi-regular basis or even on just a one-off basis. The large majority of our work is for repeat customers and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Commercial Window CleanersNo streaks! No residue! No dirt! East Perth, West Perth, North Perth, South Perth. With a wave of their squeegees our glass washing magicians will make your windows practically disappear. Reflection perfection every time! Our Perth commercial window cleaners are trained professionals that can handle even the toughest of glass washing projects. We will come and give you a free residential or commercial property assessment in person or if preferred we can offer a fast free estimate over the phone or by email. We can develop an effective glass washing maintenance program that will ensure your all of your commercial glass and facades stay sparkling clean month after month. With the latest developments in commercial window washing methods, your windows will stay cleaner for longer, saving you dollars. We clean glass practically anywhere where glass can be found in Perth and specialize in commercial window washing. Our commercial window washing Perth team will clean your windows safely and efficiently with the latest in glass washing technology. Our commercial window cleaners can accommodate both large and small window washing projects at a realistic price. What’s all the fuss about the pure water glass washing technique? Other names for this method include ionic pole window cleaning and water-fed pole systems. This is because either a modular or telescopic pole fitted with either a brush or a scrubbing bar with pencil or fan jets are used. Since de-ionized water is lacking in ions, it pulls solids off the window and since there are no solids in the de-ionized water, the windows dry crystal clear without water spots. Two to four fan jets are often used for hydrophobic glass and two to four pencil jets are used for hydrophilic glass, while multiple jet systems of five to twenty are just as effective on either. It’s perfect for most regular cleans on commercial properties above ground level.

Professional And Cost Effective Solution

Why Us? - Our Commercial Window CleanersWe always strive to use a combination of the best balance of techniques and safe work platforms to provide you with a professional and cost effective solution. We provide services for some of the most prestigious companies in Perth and have a combined 40 plus years experience in commercial window cleaning in Perth. Each of our technicians are trained in the use of work platforms and techniques for washing the toughest of glass facades.  From elevated work platforms such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts, our technicians will choose the best solution for your building. Our technicians are specialists when it comes to 2-8 storey window washing with the pure water technique.

We here at CCC can provide you with an immaculate interior and exterior that attracts customers and that properly represents your place of business or any other desired facility.

What is more, our commercial window cleaners in Perth get the job done with superior efficiency and the latest in commercial window cleaning Perth technology such as a pure water system which leaves your glass streak free as well as washing down all surrounding frames. Most importantly we bring you this top quality service at competitive prices while guaranteeing your satisfaction.

We offer all aspects of commercial window cleaning services including all types of commercial buildings including hotels, schools, nursing homes, shops, and offices. We provide all types of Perth commercial window cleaning services including builders cleans, one off vacate cleans, and regular commercial window cleans. We provide a professional VIP commercial service saving you dollars in the process.

CCC take pride in providing an exceptional commercial window cleaning service to a diverse range of customers. We deliver a cost effective solution for your window cleaning needs in a reliable and professional way.

We use a state of the art internet scheduling system for jobs that can be adjusted and seen in real time so we can provide the most reliable service available. An important aspect of maintaining your company’s image is cleanliness. Of particular importance is your windows and signage as this is your company’s first impression. Whatever the professional premises; whether it’s a retail shop, office or a large multiple business site, we can help satisfy your entire window cleaning requirements.

Highly Skilled Window Cleaners

CCC commercial window cleaners are highly skilled in the use of both traditional and pure water window cleaning methods. Using water-fed extension poles allows commercial window cleaners to access external windows up to a height of 65ft easily and quickly giving our customers huge cost savings. We can deliver a higher quality service which includes thoroughly washing down frames with this method while saving customers up to 50% in window cleaning costs. Water Fed Pole Systems allow our commercial window cleaners to clean at a height in a safe and efficient manner with telescopic or modular pole styles made of carbon fibre that allow our commercial window cleaners to clean windows at a heights of up to six to eight levels with their feet securely planted on the ground. Something that was previously only possible with expensive elevated work platforms and rope access. Put simply the reason that this technique leaves the windows spot free is that all of the impurities have been taken out of the water so when the purified water dries there are no minerals or chemicals left behind and it washes all the dirt out of the window frames and seals so that the next rain fall doesn’t wash years of built up dirt in the seals and frames back onto your windows. As a result your windows stay cleaner for longer. Of course, we still use traditional methods in many cases such as ground level window cleaning and for internal glass, but for high level and difficult access window cleaning, water fed poles are our first line of defense.

A second line of defense for windows over 7 or 8 storeys are hydraulic areal platforms. We have an entire range of platforms at our disposal from machines that reach 10 stories and above to machines that are small enough to drive through an entry door for high internal windows placing a window cleaner exactly where he needs to be to get the job done safely and efficiently. Before any cherry picker or other platform is brought onsite, an inspection will take place to ensure that the correct machine is used according to health and safety requirements.

If you would like to know exact Perth window cleaning pricing, we can come to your commercial property and offer a free inspection and quote along with a suggested reasonable schedule to keep your windows looking immaculate while not blowing your budget. We believe our commercial window cleaners lead the industry in customer service and reliability and we will do our utmost to meet all your window cleaning needs.

We appreciate that the need to keep your building looking like new is important to you, your staff, and your customers. Our clients, which include many businesses of varying size, use our services regularly, often on a monthly basis. Whether you require monthly or even a 6 monthly window clean, we are more than happy to accommodate you. Dirty windows can be detrimental to a business image. A regular, professional window cleaning service will eliminate this problem. From retail shops to multi-storey offices, each of our commercial jobs receives the same attention. We can design a practical and cost effective window cleaning program and deliver a consistent, quality service in a safe and effective manner. We are constantly reviewing our techniques and technology to ensure the best possible service available.

Fill out your details on our online quote box, email, or call and our commercial window cleaners – they can set up a regular window cleaning maintenance schedule to keep your windows looking customer friendly all year round. –

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