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CCC Window Cleaners In West Perth.

CCC Window Cleaning at schoolOur window cleaners in West Perth offer a vast array of window cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. Windows on the majority of West Perth buildings can be washed with the pure water technique up to 8 storeys high. Where necessary we employ elevated work platforms.

The reach and wash method has revolutionized West Perth window cleaning. Pure water is used to clean windows in West Perth up to 70 feet in some cases. As our local West Perth window cleaners can use this technique with their feet safely planted on the ground, there are no safety risks pending its use and many previously hard to reach windows in West Perth can now be cleaned with relative ease. We also employ the latest internal window cleaning methods ensuring that even internal windows at a height are cleaned safely and effectively with our ladder-less reach and clean systems.

West Perth Window Cleaning Projects

cccwater fedwindowcleaningPerthFrom regular window cleaning to remodeling to periodic window clean-ups, you can choose from many methods that best suit your requirements and needs.

Here are a few commonly used window cleaning services.

Window cleaning plays an integral role in all homes and offices. To avoid permanent damage and a hefty maintenance charge, windows must be cleaned periodically. This is when routine cleaning from professional window cleaners becomes useful! In general, windows should be cleaned once in every three to four months. Routine washing will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating over a longer period of time. Also, routine cleaning is several times cheaper than massive clean-up plans. This is because thick layers of debris and grime require more time, labor and cost to be cleaned.

Additional Window Cleaning Services

CCC Window Cleaning at work in Perth WAPost construction and re-modeling are expensive window clean-up routines. The service is offered by a limited few. Often, construction projects can become very messy and unpleasant. This is when caulk, residual paint, silicone and cement causes stain marks on your window glass. Specialized, Eco-friendly products should be used to remove these marks where possible. Only experts in this field should be used as improper use of equipment or improper debris removal techniques can leave scratch marks on the window surface.

Last but certainly not least, renovation cleanups will help you treat windows with dust, cement and paint. Renovation cleaning will improve the longevity and overall appearance of your windows. To be more precise, renovation clean-ups are powerful routines that can give your glass a brand-new-feel.

Our skilled technicians local to West Perth treat all projects with the same professional outlook. We don’t cut corners, we clean them!