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Call CCC Window Cleaning in Fremantle today on 1300 728 772 or fill out our free online quote form. Our local leading window cleaners in Fremantle offer professional commercial and residential window cleaning services all over FREMANTLE WA. 

What makes our window cleaning services unique in Fremantle? Our Fremantle window cleaners also offer a vast array of other services to compliment your newly cleaned windows. Here are just a select few:

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#1 – Glass Protective Coating

It is now possible to prevent minerals like calcium, chlorine, and salt from affecting your Fremantle windows by applying a protective coating so that these minerals cannot penetrate and bond with the glass and damage them over time. Innovative and high-tech glass protection coatings are now available for application on all types of glass to keep the surface protected from air pollutants, scum, scales, salt and many other types of foreign materials. It is especially effective and advisable to coat pool glass balustrades, glass shower screens, and any architectural glass close and especially facing the ocean because of their high exposure to highly destructive minerals such as chlorine, magnesium, calcium, and ocean salt. Situated on the ocean this is a long-term money saver for Fremantle homes and businesses. As the windows first need to be cleaned thoroughly removing all traces of minerals immediately before application for a clear and lasting bond, it is important to employ a professional window cleaner for both the cleaning and the application of the coating.

The best thing about glass protective coating is that it is clear, transparent and invisible. It is easy to apply and is effective on all types of glass surfaces. It not only prevents damage of these surfaces but also reduces build-up of dirt and grime significantly. You can save money on maintenance and cleaning of your windows as it won’t get stained or dirty easily. Besides looking better minerals will easily wash straight off as they cannot penetrate the coating and bond with the glass.

Glass protective coating will not rub off glass as there is a chemical bonding between the glass surface and the coating which ensures optimum protection. The coating does not affect the appearance or clarity of the glass when it is correctly applied by a professional window cleaner. Long term exposure of the glass to the elements, or the harsh rays of the sun will not affect the stability of the glass coating nor its performance. It can easily withstand long term UV exposure. Certified glass coating applicators can offer longer guarantees.

The protective coating will not leave any marks, patches or stains on the glass surface. The glass will appear exactly as it was before the treatment. Only, it will have the added protection from a host of potentially damaging factors. The glass protective coating incorporates advanced technology and is designed to last long. It can provide high quality protection to window surfaces for as long as six months or in some cases up to 10 years depending on the product, service provider, and external elements.

The application of glass surface protection is easy but it is important to prepare the surface properly before the application to achieve optimum results. Once again a professional window cleaner who is trained in mineral stain removal and coating preparation is essential. Cleaning the window glass thoroughly and removing all kinds of dirt, debris, grime and deposits is imperative before applying the glass protective layer. When it comes to application of the glass coating, it’s always recommend not to do it full sunlight unless you have a lot of experience and remember that cleanliness is of the utmost importance. It’s important that all dust particles are eliminated and the glass surface stays 100% clean throughout the entire process as well as the microfiber applicators.

It is recommended that you hire window cleaning Fremantle experts to clean the windows of your home, office or commercial establishment and prime it for receiving the protection treatment. Once again, having one service provider for both the window cleaning and the protective coating service will ensure no dust settles back onto the windows before the application of the coating as well as making sure your windows are left clean and in top notch condition after the coating process is complete.

Fremantle Window Cleaning Services

#2 – Fremantle Ultrasonic Blind & Window Cleaning Services

Only a very select few of the top window cleaning services in Perth offer ultrasonic vertical and Venetian blind cleaning and we are quite likely the only company to offer this service in Fremantle. CCC Window Cleaning have experts, trained specifically to keep blinds clean and dirt-free by using ultrasonic cleaning technology.

For minor dust we can clean your blinds on-site but for stubborn dirt we will remove your blinds and clean them in-factory ultrasonically.

Vertical and Venetian blinds are commonly used in both residential and commercial windows. By keeping these blinds clean and fully functional by hiring experts, homes and businesses can avoid the high costs that come with replacing their blinds. By using cleaning methods and tools and ultrasonic machinery specifically designed for blinds, they can be kept fresh and sparkling clean.

When you hire the services of professional window cleaners for keeping vertical and Venetian blinds clean, you can be assured of ultra clean blinds without causing any harsh effects on the environment. We use Eco-friendly and gentle dirt and stain removers to get rid of just about all types of dirt and deposits from the blind slats and accessories.

CCC Window Cleaning Fremantle also offer minor blind repair services.

For the fragile and sensitive areas of your blinds, the cleaning professionals may use hand cleaning methods so that the gentle and sensitive parts of the vertical and Venetian blinds are not in any way damaged. Trust CCC Window Cleaning Fremantle to choose the best technique for the job.

#3 – Fremantle Awning & Window Cleaning

Clean Awnings will give your building a classy edge and make your business/home much more welcoming and will complement your window cleaning service.

Cleaning awnings is a systematic process that can be accomplished in three steps. Here is a quick walk through the most commonly used techniques:

  • Cleaning awnings is not rocket science. In order to accomplish a decent job, the professionals start by determining the kind of materials used to make the awning. Conversely, we hand-pick appropriate chemicals to break down the grime and dirt making sure to use only Eco-friendly and biodegradable products. A reliable pressure washer detergent may also be used.
  • Secondly, depending on the height and material a gentle scrubber attachment with purified water may be chosen or a soft washer.
  • Thirdly, the awnings are rinsed carefully to remove traces of soap and grime. In this step de-ionized water is always used to avoid and mineral deposits.

Of course, this is just a few of the many services we offer to complement our window cleaning in Fremantle. We also offer solar panel, sign, and façade cleaning just to name a few. For a more comprehensive overview see our services page for more info.